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Clea Duvall


Occasionally, I am callous and strange 🐶
Dec 10, 2015
Marcie Ross was a metaphor for high school. The show did something really interesting with her, also a metaphor for those kids who are bullied in school becoming the big bads in later seasons; see Jonathan. There was no reason to bring her back and I'm fine that they didn't. Fans take so quickly to certain characters and want to see more of them, even when they've outlived their reason for being on the show. Sunday the vamp from The Freshman is another one everyone seems to like, but she and Marcie were one shot characters only.
To be fair this could all be said about Spike. Remember he was originally going to be dust back in season 2. ;)
Oh definitely, but I for one am so glad he had the charisma that kept him around :)
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