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Comics reading order


Aug 23, 2021

I'm starting to read Buffy 2019 comics.
I'm reading the volumes
1. Will I miss sth if I don't read the Angel comics at the same time?
2. What about the Hellmouth? Is it needed to understand further issues?
3. And the specials? For example, I read Buffy vol2. which means that I read Buffy #7 and #8 without reading "Chosen Ones" which was aired in the middle, did I miss sth?

I feel there are a lot of things/relationships/scenes that we are promised in the preview and don't get to see them and I don't Know if it is just poor writing or cause I'm missing Angel and the specials
(For example, Angel appears at the end of #4 but we don't see him in #5#6#7 or #8, also the preview for vol.2 was that Buffy would have to choose between helping Xander or preventing Dru from opening the Hellmouth and I don't see that either(apart from being too easy and rushed to get Xanders soul back)

Thanks for your answer and no spoilers please!
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