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Craziest ships


Bad Day. Started bad, stayed that way.
Aug 8, 2020
Warning some very far-fetched couples in here. Not sure it would have worked well on the screen for some of them, but to explore it on fanfics could be fun.

Xander/Harmony : Just for a short time, that could have been fun, only to see the baffled face of the other Scoobies, and see how the gang would handle the presence of Harmony during their gatherings. Another demon girl on the resume. Oh, and Xander would finally be even with Buffy, stop blaming her for dating vampires !

Buffy/Groosalugg : I really liked Groo and his Prince Charming aura. He's brave, nice, reliable, powerful and knows how to fight, a bunch of criteria that could have worked well on Buffy in the first seasons (S1 to S5 maybe), when she was desperate to find a good guy to date. And above all, he's enough human, but enough demon to please Buffy, I guess (contrary to Riley...).

Jonathan/Willow : come on ! they're both wizard&witch and bullied in the high school era. I'm also very curious to see how Jonathan would have evolved if he became part of the group instead of Oz...

Willow/Amy : for the sake of curiosity, same as before. Willow was lonely and in pain because Tara had broke up with her, plus she had to restrain her use of magic. It was tempting to fill this need with a witch friend with benefits. Imagine for a while that, after Willow had given back her human form to Amy, the latter would have succeed to drag Willow into the dark side of magic ? We'd have a pair of bad witches for the Scoobies to handle. Tara would have been so devastated and tried by all means to bring back Willow. But Amy, seeing her getting in her way, would have got rid of her in the back of Willow. And when Willow would have learned about the death of Tara, who was still so important to her, she would have turned really dark, and killed Amy instead of Warren, in a fight that would have been more memorable than a cat-and-mouse game. And then, same finale with her attempt to destroy the world because of the pain and be saved by the power of Xander's love, we know the ending. This alternative scenario would have been so thrilling ! And it would have matched quite well the atmosphere of the whole season too.
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