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CSTS auction on NOW


Apr 24, 2015
I meant to get over here sooner but it's been so busy getting this HUUUGE auction up and running! All money raised is going to Equality Now - Joss's favourite charity. We have over 50 lots from rare promo items to things Joss signed just for us. We also have signed pictures from Sarah Michelle Gellar, James Leary, & Emma Caulfield who wrote "Bunnies, bunnies it must be Bunnies!" on the picture. We have a signed DVD from James Marsters. We have all of the Zoe Loot Crate with the great items and the odd ones as well. (What is it with that Tshirt anyway?)
We have signed pictures from Clark Gregg and Ming Na Wen and Felicia Day. We have a Baby sling woven with symbols that evoke Kaylee. We have Firefly music and games. We have so much!
The catch is that it is all over tomorrow afternoon, Pacific Time.
Go look and bid. It's is for a very important cause.
californiabrowncoats | eBay
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