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Darla's Mother (story completed)


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
Darla’s Mother

Darla’s mother was born in the small home in a hamlet near the three shop town of Two Bridges Dartmoor, the three shops being a grocers a post office and a public house. They serviced the needs of people for miles around.

As the land near Two Bridges was fertile most vegetables would grow as long as the plants were protected from the strong constant winds. Also near the area was all elements of supernatural entities once thought of as little pockets of gas escaping the ground as blue flames.

What they were was proof the Devil had walked over the land recently. Also near Two Bridges were the unusual two hairy hands. No one knew of where they came from except for Darla’s mother, as the man who once had them had tried to force himself on her.

As he was the strongman for a traveling circus he thought he was strong enough to over-power her, he didn’t expect Darla’s mother to win against him, he didn’t consider her lucky punch would be enough to kill him.

Then Darla’s mother cut off both his arm below the elbows, revenge for what he tried to do. So now he will try to drive a person’s car or motorcycle often his hairy hands cannot be seen yet on occasions they have been noticed, which is scarier depends on who sees the Hairy Hands.

The country there was a cold and unforgiving place it was rife with tales of the Devils hounds running wild near to her home. What was scarier than that was the times a sighting was made of the Devil’s coach.

It wasn’t drawn on by large horses it was pulled by two giant dogs, it ventured into the ground via a large lake where the wind blew long grass, the lake was on his residence suggested as being at his residence by the village of Yelverton.

Though they were not dogs as such, man’s best friends is said to be the dog. So along those lines it makes sense that the Devil’s best friends in the animal world would be werewolves. And what pulled his coach were two giant werewolves.

The traveling vicar who visited Post Bridge one a week from Widecombe-on-the-Moor found her passage on a ship bound for the islands we now know as America. In the year 1591 the unmarried woman found herself on a ship.

She quickly became an attraction for the sailors, part was for her tales of the Devil and part because no sailor had seen a woman as beautiful as she and one as willing to as she was. By the
time they landed she had fallen pregnant though to which sailor she had no idea,

except that it was one of the crew the captain and his lieutenants kept their distant from her, as per the captains orders. As she had been schooled in the art of working with numbers she found work in the town’s storage shed, she given a roof over her head in return for security.

The town was given the name of Jerusalem, Darla’s mother named her child Darla in those early years Darla learnt of the joy of working with numbers. When she was old enough Darla gave respect to the men who offered her nice words.

As Darla got into her teens and became promiscuous she began to earn a lot of money from the sailors on top of what she earnt in the storage sheds, she and her mother were secretly well off. They put down some money on a house

On Darla’s twenty seventh birthday a ship arrived from England. There were many men on the ship named the Mayflower who had not felt a woman’s caress in a couple of months, longer than they had planned on also that there were many deaths on the crossing.

Many were said to be pilgrims though because of the wild weather and because so many of the Pilgrims had died, a few of them changed religions they became witches, hence the word of witches in Salem began.

Darla was more than happy to allow them to show her their respect she was quite happy to grant them their request. Then she found out those men thought they were as they claimed, Gods chosen ones, they were of the opinion that they were above paying for it.

Those better than though men took to the town to make it their own they decided that the name of the town was a sacrilege insult to their God so they renamed the town from Jerusalem to Salem. Darla thought little of the men who would treat her so poorly.

On one quiet afternoon the Gods chosen ones found out that they spoke the truth. Darla and her mother called a psychic to read their fortunes, Darla wanted her mother to go first though the psychic didn’t have much to say even though her future was for many more years.

Darla made the psychic think twice about her own future. “In the near future Darla I see you becoming acquainted then becoming a friend with a leader of the Devils first Legion, and that you become one of the Devils favourites.

I see you striking fear into the hearts of men those who are God fearing and those who are not especially those who are not for you can prove you are one of the Devil’s chosen ones. For two centuries you strike fear onto man with a man.

Though I doubt a man is what he could be known as,” said the psychic. “But what about my mother, please can you tell me about my mother?” asked Darla. The psychic looked at Darla’s lines on her palm then at the lines on her mother’s palm.

“Now that is odd. I see that your mother lives longer than you, though you live longer than your mother when hell releases you to live for the third time. I can tell you more about what her life came to be. She gave birth to a girl one who was against vampires.

You fought with her a few times though neither of you knew who the other was, some people said you were very beautiful and some thought your mother was very beautiful not that there was ever a competition between the two of you.

You actually met your mother and for a time saw each other as friends not that it lasted as during that time you were a vampire and though it wasn’t known she had used her power as a witch to combat the presence of the vampire in her,” said the psychic

“Thank you, though you didn’t tell me what name she was known as?” asked Darla.
“Joyce,” said the psychic.

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