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David Boreanaz Filmography and Fact Sheet

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Willow Rosenberg

I might be just like you!
Feb 10, 2002
Staffs, UK
Birth Name: David Patrick Boreanaz
Birthdate: May 16, 1971
Birthplace: Buffalo, New York
Occupation: Actor
Claim to Fame: Angel, a vampire who falls for Buffy, in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, resulting in the spinoff series, Angel (1999)

Significant Other(s):
Wife: Ingrid Quinn, social worker; together from 1994; married 1997; Boreanaz filed for divorce October 15, 1999, citing irreconcilable differences
Wife: Jaime Bergman, actress, model; married November 24, 2001

Father: Dave Roberts, TV weather forecaster

Had his first break with a guest role in a 1993 episode of Married...with Children (Fox) playing Kelly Bundy's biker boyfriend

Malvern Preparatory School, Malvern, Pennsylvania
Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York; graduated


Actor - filmography

Perfect Lie, The (2005) (filming) .... Lance Valenteen
Wicked Prayer (2004) (post-production) .... Luc Crash/Death
I'm with Lucy (2002) .... Luke
... aka Autour de Lucy (2002) (France)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2002) (VG) (voice) .... Angel
Kingdom Hearts (2002) (VG) (voice) .... Squall Leonhart (Leon)
... aka Kingudamu hà¢tsu (2002) (VG) (Japan)
Valentine (2001) .... Adam Carr
"Angel" (1999/I) TV Series .... Angel/Angelus/Liam
... aka "Angel: The Series" (1999) (USA)
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) TV Series .... Angel/Angelus (1997-1999)
... aka "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Series" (1997)
... aka "Buffy" (1997)
Macabre Pair of Shorts (1996) .... Vampire's victim
Best of the Best II (1993) (uncredited)
Aspen Extreme (1993) (uncredited)

Director - filmography

"Angel" (1999/I) TV Series (episode 5.10 "Soul Purpose")
... aka "Angel: The Series" (1999) (USA)

Himself - filmography

A&E Biography: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2003) (TV) .... Himself
Jon E. Edwards Is in Love (2003)
28th Annual American Music Awards, The (2001) (TV) .... Himself - Presenter
2000 MTV Movie Awards (2000) (TV) (as David Boreanax) .... Himself
51st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, The (1999) (TV) .... Himself
Filmography as: Actor, Director, Himself, Notable TV Guest Appearances

Notable TV Guest Appearances

"On-Air with Ryan Seacrest" (2003) playing "Himself" 2 April 2004
"Last Call with Carson Daly" (2002) playing "Himself" 4 February 2004
"Sharon Osbourne Show, The" (2003) playing "Himself" 3 February 2004
"New Tom Green Show, The" (2003) playing "Himself" 1 August 2003
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) playing "Angel" in episode: "Chosen" (episode # 7.22) 20 May 2003
"Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, The" (1999) playing "Himself" 19 May 2003
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) playing "Angel" in episode: "End of Days" (episode # 7.21) 13 May 2003
"Baby Blues" (2000) playing "Johnny" (voice) in episode: "Teddy-Cam" (episode # 2.3) 3 February 2002
"Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, The" (1999) playing "Himself" 21 September 2001
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) playing "Angel" in episode: "Forever" (episode # 5.17) 17 April 2001
"Mad TV" (1995) playing "Himself" (episode # 6.14) 3 February 2001
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) playing "Angel" in episode: "Fool for Love" (episode # 5.7) 14 November 2000
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) playing "Angel" in episode: "The Yoko Factor" (episode # 4.20) 9 May 2000
"Late Night with Conan O'Brien" (1993) playing "Himself" 13 October 1999
"Saturday Night Live" (1975) playing "Himself" (uncredited) (episode # 24.19) 15 May 1999
"Keenen Ivory Wayans Show, The" (1997) playing "Himself" 26 January 1998
"Married... with Children" (1987) playing "Frank" in episode: "Movie Show" (episode # 7.21) 11 April 1993

Sep 14, 2003
Angel's Heart
Sign: Taurus (Sun in Taurus, Moon in Aquarius)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Writing Preference: Right-handed

Height: 188 cm

Favourite Music: Eric Clapton, Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, Blues and Rock 'n roll

Favourite TV Shows: Cooking with Emeril / Sportscenter and ESPN

Ethnic Background: Italian/Czechoslovakian

Favourite Sports: Golf, Basketball, Football, Baseball,
Tai Chi, Bowling, Skiing, Bungee Jumping

Favourite Actors: Gary Oldman, Al Pacino, Willem Dafoe, Marion Brando

Favourite Food: Italian food, Eggs Benedict, Philly cheese-steaks, ribs, BBQ

Undergarment: Boxers. Or nothing, usually.

Sister: Beth, Former Production coordinator for the RosieO'Donnell Show

Sister: Bo, costume designer whose work can be seen in Escape from L.A. and Barton Fink, among others

Other facts

*When he was 7, he saw Yul Brenner in "King & I", and decided then that he wanted to act.

*Also if David wasn't an actor he would of been and architect.

*David has also read all the vampire chronicles by Anne Rice.

*He likes Lestat!

*When asked what he thought about his "sex symbol" status, he said, "Good egg, good sperm."Then thanked his parents:D

*He hates prosthetic make-up

*He likes to wear his yellow lenses ... he wore them on a Halloween party.

*He doesn't like computers at all. He says he is an old fashioned type and prefers to hand-write his letters.

*His tattoo from the show is a fake.

*He lets it be known that his ex-wife Ingrid, gave him his Claddagh ring, just like the one Buffy
got on the show. Inside is engraved "Without you MY love."

*The agency resume lists some of Boreanaz's special skills as dialects (NY, London, German, Italian)

*He once said "I'm too sexy for my fangs" [All the way!:D]

*Pronounciation of his last name: [Bor-ee-AH-nuhz].

*He thinks that SMG is a great kisser ... he was asked what's it like to kiss her, his answer was: "It's wet and wonderful."

*He said the Tan jacket (Some Assembly Required) was a BIG mistake. The fans didn't like it.

*He really did get kicked in the groin (Innocence).

*He did the fall in (Beauty and The Beasts)! Said it hurt!

Not open for further replies.