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Did Angel do a good thing letting Darla and Drusilla have a killing spree??


Jan 25, 2016
The lazy part was implied in my opinion as the arguments seemed to assume that he had access to scripts before signing but didn't read them. That is an unrealistic take for this particular industry. Actors don't have that much power. Particularly not someone like Kane who's not exactly a household name.
I just think that if he cared so much about his character surviving the season he should have had it stipulated in his contract and if the producers couldn't do that, then he shouldn't have gone back to the show. He'd been in the business a few years, he'd seen what happened to Charisma, he must have recognised the pitfalls. If he did not, he should have had an agent and/or manager who pointed these things out to him.


And besides if its the final ever episode then why does it matter if he dies as long as he gets something good to do?
Yes, I mean it was a great scene. It is one of the moments that made his character memorable.


Mar 14, 2018
Definitely not good but honestly they deserved it because of their arrogance thinking they had those two wild vampires under control. "Oh, Darlas just a tool." My my did that come back to bite them literally speaking.

Cordy, Wes and Gunn would likely have a different opinion on what he did had they been there to hear that exchange between Holland and Angel earlier in that very episode but it is what it is. Holland couldn't careless about the people Dru and Darla were out there hurting as they tossed back drinks at their little party, so why should Angel risk his life for them when he could save that energy on people who matter more?

Ethan Reigns

Oct 14, 2012
This part of the story comes back to a question that appears with Dark Willow: what do you do with people who cannot be brought to justice by normal means? The Trio were prepared to tie up justice with magic and the Warrenbot but they didn't count on Dark Willow not allowing them access to any kind of protection.

In the same way, Angel was justified because the people who were killed were never going to face any kind of justice (or even an enquiry) for what they were doing. When normal justice fails, vigilantes will come out of the woodwork and they will rule. You don't get invited to a wine tasting party by the boss unless you are one of the movers and shakers destined to run the company eventually. Angel not only struck at the heart of the company, he struck at its future.
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