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Did anyone think Riley was more interesting this season?.


Apr 2, 2020
Not more interesting, just a different kind of awful.

I find his story mostly incredibly cringe this season. It’s like they reacted to the ‘he’s boring’ criticisms and tried to make him edgy before he left. The shot when he’s first bitten and then stakes Sandy and we see him look all intense is one of the most hilarious moments of the show, it’s so ‘Oo look how dark and edgy Riley is!’ but mostly I just feel embarrassed for him. Plus I feel the whole melodramatic ‘she doesn’t love me’ stuff just doesn’t land right when they’ve only been together for like half a season anyway. Is Buffy not being ready for an Uber serious codependant relationship when they’ve been together for barely 6 months really that much of a bombshell?

I don’t appreciate us having to watch Riley acting appallingly and then being told we should be on his side though. Like apparently it’s all Buffy’s fault for not communicating, except she’s actually communicated a LOT more than Riley who has spent multiple episodes in this season stropping around while never telling her how he’s feeling or giving her even the slightest chance to discuss the issues he has. Why does she have to be a mind reader while Riley doesn’t even attempt to speak to her about it. Riley shouldn’t be given a pass when he doesn’t even remotely communicate

I feel like the writers just never really accepted that they really needed to stop trying to make Riley happen, it’s not going to happen. We get As You Were which seems like it’s there to show us ‘see told you Riley was awesome!’ and the audience were still like ‘erm, no’. Most of the episode is just everyone treating him like Jonathan in Superstar and waxing lyrical about how awesome he and his Mary Sue wife are (not only is she a badass whose cringeworthingly humble to Buffy but she was also in the Peace Corps, groan) . Like the more ‘awesome!’ Riley is supposed to be the more nauseatingly smug he becomes. The shooting script for this episode is hilarious though, I think even Marc would have cringed reading it


Aug 18, 2016
Los Angeles, CA
Behind the All-American Iowa boy persona, I have always found Riley interesting. To be honest, he sometimes seemed like a male version of Buffy herself. Perhaps that's why they couldn't make it as a couple. They were too similar in many ways.
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