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Did you like Giles?

Mar 13, 2016
He is arguably a favorite of mine. I don't FEEL that he's a favorite in my gut, but given how often he turns up in my dreams as a guide and advisor (and sometimes even father, one time I even left Dad to go home with Giles, my real father), he must be. Though I know in real life I'd be so tempted to prank him, irresistibly so when I was a kid.

I don't think many of the characters are likeable in season 6 and, especially, 7 (they tend to feel inauthentic, forced into actions for the sake of plot to me, and sometimes are downright unlikable as people even though the writers clearly want the audience to root for them), and I don't buy Giles leaving in season 6 as that's so against his character (was it really too much to ask to invent an excuse that didn't violate his character so badly?), but I still trust and like Giles more in season 7 than Buffy herself.
Dec 20, 2017
I like Giles a lot. He's an amazing father figure to Buffy and shows her lots of love while still enforcing rules and instructing her to do what is right. However, in Season Six I feel like Giles was way too hard on Buffy. After her Mother died and she was raised from the dead, Giles gets mad at her for putting all of the disciplinary action for Dawn on his shoulders. I understand that is not at all what Buffy should have done, as she was supposed to be acting as the parent/guardian in Dawn's life and shouldn't have let her get away with all the klepto nonsense, but was it really a good idea for him to just leave? Buffy was in a really dark place and without Giles to guide her through it, she got even worse. So during Season Six, I grew to dislike Giles, but overall I think he was a good character and I came to like him again in Season Seven.