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Discussion of 1.01 "Welcome To The Hellmouth" - Aired 3/10/1997 (WB-US)

Nov 30, 2016
Montauban (France)
Let's go for my rewatch. I prefer to make a shorter comment rather than an analysis as I usually do.

The + : Things I like :

- The acting of the actors. Well I feel oblige to say it because they really delivers a good performance.
- "Buffy ? What kind of name is that" "Hey Aphrodisia" :D
- Angel ! I don't have problem with the introduction of the character. I read the previous review and I know some have problem with David Boreanaz's acting or they reproach to Angel being a stalker, but I just really don't buy it. I think David Boreanaz is not great but good and I like all the mystery, all the charm the character release. Don't forget we are not suppose to know Angel is a vampire so it's just logical for me that Angel looks like a strange guy and isn't really helpful with his informations. Plus, I love the cross he gives to Buffy.
- Willow :)Oh sweet and Lovely Alyson Hannigan. I forgot Willow was so shy at the beginning of the show, like Tara in fact. She gives me envy to protect her. I'm glad Buffy past the physical appearance and see her inner beauty ;).
- The horror ambiance, the humor of the series.. Time has no effect on it.
- SMG is so young and actually a bit fat than the later seasons. That's not critical, just a constatation.

The +/- : Things I don't know what to think :

- I was perturbed by Giles's personality. He is too authoritarian, too much on his role as a watcher, that's make him less human on my eyes, though I still believe he cares about Buffy.
- Jesse : I actually don't know if I like him or not.. I guess I'm not impressed by the actors's performance either.
- Cordelia : You know what I used to like the bitchy Cordelia, and in fact I actually like her but she is really mean to Willow, so I put her here so Willow has her revenge :). Just kidding. I'm still impressed that Charisma is 28 years old :eek:. She clearly doesn't make her age.

The - : Things I don't like :

- Darla : Not the character, not the actress, just the writing of the character. I mean, really she doesn't recognize the slayer, really ? She looks a bit stupid but the opening scene is actually a good point for her.
- The scene where the Masters rise up.. Not convincing, bad special effects, don't produce the fear it should produce.

Rating : I go with B+ !

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