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Discussion of 1.02 "The Harvest" - Aired 3/10/1997 (WB-US)


Odd Individual
Jan 27, 2019
Love this episode just as much as WTTH. The pacing is actually perfectly fine for me; I like how they let the first story take place over two episodes to let the whole thing have room to breathe. Luke is a really enjoyable villain; forgot how cool he is before watching it again. Angel's behaviour in these first two episodes are a bit out of character and it could be put down to him having never met Buffy before and being nervous. Keep in mind he hadn't gone out of his way to talk to many people for the past few decades and the first one he really makes an effort for he fell in love with before they met. Overall, excellent conclusion to what was a strong opener. Everything just fits into place.
Sep 2, 2020
OK, so I'm here to ask the important questions...in the final scene Giles has the sleeves of his jackets rolled up....wtf? It's an, erm, interesting look, and it's always made me laugh.
Is he trying to be trendy? Was he just clearing out his drains? Answers please ;)
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