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Discussion of 1.04 "Teacher's Pet" - Aired 3/24/1997 (WB-US)


Aug 18, 2021
Agree with @sosa lola about how disturbing Miss French's interest in high school kids is. Although Buffy and Willow acknowledge how weird the situation is, no one is rightfully alarmed! The teacher is taking students to her house! It's also frightening how Xander's mom actually let his son go to his teacher's house (she told Willow) without realizing how inappropriate and odd that was.
Hard agree with this. That's my biggest problem with the episode. I can forgive bad special effects and costumes. After all, it was season 1 and the show had a limited budget. But someone needed to call out that this is sexual assault, and it's not at all hot when a female teacher hits on a male student. The gender reversal (male virgin victim, female predator) does not do enough to subvert the trope when the criminality of the situation is not explicitly called out.

I also don't like the toxic masculinity Xander and the other teen boys exhibit, especially because it's treated like a joke. Haha, it's funny that the jerky guy is actually still a virgin. That shouldn't be a joke! A person's virginity has no bearing on that person's worth, and I don't like the way the episode handled that. @Ireflection has a great article about that here: https://buffythoughts.wordpress.com/2021/06/11/insect-reflection-chapter-four-that-guy-just-bugs-me-teachers-pet/ The article delves into the idea that Xander wants to be the stereotypical cool guy. "He is not the Idealised Straight Male, though he intends to perform as one." I highly recommend the article. I hadn't thought of this perspective before.
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