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Discussion of 1.05 "Rm w/a Vu" - Aired 11/2/99 (WB-US)

Out for a walk

5 Words Or Less...
Jun 1, 2017
I forgot that I liked Cordy a lot more after she was Angel. She definitely fits in well there. I loved the part where she didn't want them know it was possessed. Her grabbing the floating scissors was hilarious.

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
This episode has draw backs. Not sure we really needed the Doyle plot. They get in the way at the end. Because I'm so invested in Cordy I do enjoy it as a Cordy cetric episode. Good cameo from Beth Grant also. Cordelia living with a ghost is one step closer to her not being so judgemental.


Odd Individual
Jan 27, 2019
Another very strong episode, and the first real character piece of the season. It does a wonderful job of building Cordy's character by making her question whether she's being punished for her bad actions. I actually rather enjoy the Doyle subplot; it ends up being merged with the Cordy plot pretty well, even if Griff and his cronies are only really there so David Boreanaz can fight someone. The mystery surrounding the ghost haunting the apartment is well paced and structured, and I still get a kick out of the final twist where it turns out that Maude killed her own son, instead of the other way around.

All in all, a really enjoyable episode, and better than the previous two.

Stake fodder

Feb 6, 2021
Caught on a root
I was not that into the ghost story for itself, though it did have a good twist at the end. But the best part was it brought three main characters closer together as friends, not just colleagues, with some witty scenes.

Some others above complained that Doyle was possessive when he found Cordy at Angel's apartment. Perhaps so, but what I loved about those scenes was that Doyle was the only one who even noticed the overtones of the situation. Cordelia herself is completely oblivious to Angel in nothing but a towel, and the next morning, they both hang around in boxers and bathrobes, just arguing about the peanut butter, while Doyle stands agape. Also funny is the notion that Angel, once the baddest of vampires, now is helpless to stop the invasion of the poor little rich girl!

Another great scene was Angel thinking he and Cordy are sharing a moment about working for redemption, but she's just talking about having a nice place! I love how the writers will undercut an emotional scene this way.

So, Angel knows witchcraft. That seems new? The show plays fast and loose with his ability to move around in sunlight. How did he get to Cordy's place? I know it's a difficulty on the show, but they should show some of the workarounds instead of just ignoring it.

I also really liked that, once again, the victim has to stand up for herself. Vampires and ghosts are no match for our Cordy! Though, "cry-Buffy"? Since when was Buffy a whiner? I look forward to seeing if Cordy's new roomie hangs around.

There was definitely sexual tension between Kate and Angel, with the way she reacted as he leaned over her shoulder. But Angel himself again seemed oblivious, and I'm glad to know that they are not developing a love interest for him right away.

So, a good episode for bringing the... are they Scoobies?... together. And not a bad MotW.
Oct 23, 2018
I also really liked that, once again, the victim has to stand up for herself. Vampires and ghosts are no match for our Cordy! Though, "cry-Buffy"? Since when was Buffy a whiner?
My sister isn't a fan of the show but she's seen plenty of it, not quite a casual viewer because she would never tune in - but if there's nothing else on, she doesn't mind it. She would definitely describe Buffy as "whiny". Among the casual viewing crowd that is the general perception of the character =- that she's always moping and crying about something, To the hardcore viewer, of course - she has plenty to be moping about and the moping is thoroughly justified - but the outsiders don't know that. Cordelia could certainly be classed as having an outsider view on Buffy, she's sees the moping but - not being part of the inner gang (or liking Buffy that much) she doesn't really get the emotional trauma behind it all.
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