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Discussion of 1.10 "Parting Gifts" - Aired 12/14/99 (WB-US)

Angelic Slayer

Daydream Believer
Jun 4, 2004
Ontario, Canada
Season 1, Episode 10: "Parting Gifts" - Aired: 12/14/1999

Summary said:
Cordelia discovers that she has inherited Doyle's visions, and it plays havoc with her career. Meanwhile, Angel must save a new client from the creature that is hunting him, and a Rogue Demon Hunter comes to town.

Discuss Wesley's entrance into the series, and this episode of Angel, the Series, here :)


Apr 24, 2009
All I have to say is:

"I'm going to thrash you to within a inch of your life." (Pauses to push glasses back up onto nose) "– And then I'm going to take that inch!"

Wesley is awesome. :D
Wesley Pryce
Wesley Pryce
agree :)


Sep 25, 2011
I just watched it a bit ago and the show just became so much more funny with Wesley. He provides so much comic relief, but he's also a great character. Loved it! 9/10.
Wesley Pryce
Wesley Pryce
[No message]


Bite Me
Jun 18, 2003
Black Thorn
I love that Cordy, at the start of the episode is looking for something of Doyles to cherish and she ends up getting his most powerful ability. Sure its unbelievably painful but she's able to help Angel in his quest.

It was hillarious watching Cordy kiss Angel and then that demon and the Wesley lol Wesley was also very good for the entertainment factor!


Oct 9, 2011
I thought this episode started quite abruptly, I actually had to go back a chapter on my dvd to make sure I hadn't actually missed the begining :S
I felt so sorry for Cordy at her audition but totally LOL'd when she had her vision! :D I couldn't help it, she looked so funny!! :D
Angel actually made a joke in this episode, which doesn't happen to often, so that was fun to see lol 'No necking on the couch' something like that to Cordy about the demon she kissed lol
Wesley!......in leather?? :rolleyes: weiird lol
I like at the end how Angel cooks for them both, eggs and toast, even though he doesn't even eat, that's sweet :)
Doyle really is gone isn't he :(


I've been thinking about the world...
Nov 10, 2007
Wesley is awesome.

There were some emotional moments in this episode; I felt bad for Cordy. The last scene was very heartwarming. It had a strong feeling of family in it.

Best part of the episode is Wesley's line
"I'm going to thrash you to within a inch of your life." (Pauses to push glasses back up onto nose) "– And then I'm going to take that inch!"

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
Strong debut for Wesley. Him trying to act all macho and the scenes with Cordelia were really entertaining!:D A good mix of comedy and drama, and I liked the switch into a darker tone later on. The actor playng Barney was really good too.

Give Us A Kiss

Fuffy Apologist
Feb 4, 2015
Angel, the powers that be won't bring Doyle back...

That horny demon must be running from something...

Glenn Quinn is still in the credits here...

Cordy is mourning Doyle, she needs a hug :(

That demon was looking for Angel, and he's asking him about his coffin :mad:

Cordy, you can't act to save your life...

Now Cordy has visions too :(

Empath demon, I could use some of his skills...

Cordy, why are you kissing Angel ??? o_O

Cordy, stop kissing everybody...

That twitching light is annoying me...

Wes, what happened to you ??? :eek:

A Rouge demon hunter is sure better than a wussy, stuffy watcher :D

So, Wes has been following the wrong demon all this time ???

Barney wants to hear about Doyle :)

Cordy, Wes won't get your visions...

Koreatown, Chinatown, is there also Japantown ???

Angel bribes, Angel gets ;)

Doyle chose you, Cordy :)

What is Barney planning ???

Barney's right, Cordy can't act to save her life...

Wes, what happened to your leather clothes ???

The demon's horn was taken by the KKK ???

Barney, why are you doing this ???

Barney's true colors have been revealed, and I don't like them :(

Wes, you are not useless.

Harvest the eyes ??? :eek:

Why are W&H involved in everything ???o_O

Wes unbuttoned his suit, that's a first :D

Barney deflated :eek:

I don't think that Wes wants to leave...

Next time: Sleepwalking...


Nov 30, 2016
Montauban (France)

The departure of Doyle is felt, we haven't more this little touch of freshness that he brought to the series nor all those humorous little moments that emerged from his complicity with Cordelia. His disappearance inevitably brings Angel and Cordelia closer together in the face of adversity. They both manage mourning in a totally different way. Angel lost a friend and it feels at several moments in the episode it affects him a lot. He goes to see the oracles to beg them to go back in time, he doesn't want Wesley to accompany him in his mission because he does not want to lose anyone else and he cares very much about Cordelia . As usual, he is enclosed on himself ("I have somebody in my side, he's dead now, i'll not let that happen again, i work alone"). Cordelia, she internalizes like him but she is more open mind. Her discussion with the demon "Barney" (Hello Simpson ;)) reminds me of Buffy and Holden in season 7. It's a bit the same diagram with on one side the demon (Barney or Holden) in the role of the psychologist very relevant in his interpretations and on the other side Buffy/Cordelia who deliver very intimates thoughts.

"It would make me feel better if i could hold something that he left behind". Cordelia, beware of what you wish, you have not learned your lesson ^^. The loss of the character of Doyle will have had a great positive effect on the character of Cordelia. The transmission of visions, that's a good idea to give her more importance. At least his death is not without consequences and at least through this gift he gives to her the most precious thing he possessed. This link with "The Power That Be" is what gave a new meaning to his life at a time when he was no longer moving and that is exactly what will happen with Cordelia too. Now she sees the suffering in the world and I guess she even feels it, she will be more empathic and concerned by what surrounds her. No doubt that will have an impact on her ! Does he gave to her the vision intentionately ?

That said, at the beginning Cordelia isn't happy to have this visions and she tries to get rid of it, and in my opinion it is a reaction that is motivated by a fear. The fear of not being able to assume the new responsibilities that fall on her as she is the new link between the "Power that be" and Angel. She must think it represents too much pressure/weight for her. Especially since she had a foretaste of the pain it gives to her with this first vision that happened during an audition (and yes big disadvantage : she can have a vision anytime because "The Powers that be" do not knock at the door of his mind to ask her if she is agrees. Hello the damage on her personal life). I love how she tries to get rid of it : She kisses Angel :rolleyes:, Barney :eek:and then Wesley :D she's not really embarrassed :p but it's Cordy that's why we love her. The reactions of the guys are really excellent : Angel is flattered :), and he puts that on the account of her mourning ("I think you're acting out of grief, you're confusing"), Barney is delighted :D and Wesley gets false joys :p ("I think it was better than last time") convinced she acts like that compared to their very very breve adventure to Sunnydale while she did not even notice that it was him ! It's fun to see just how much Cordy does anything but it's the others she makes uncomfortable ;). Apparently Angel, Wesley and Barney do not kiss so well :D ("I did not feel anything, it did not work. ... Damn...Wesley !").

Finally, in the end she realizes that it is a gift so she just has to accept it. Then his first vision saved her anyway even though it is also the reason why her life was put in danger lol, I mean auctioned. Nevertheless Cordy, 20 000 :eek: not bad at all even if of course a human life has no price. I love when she frames the first design of her first vision, it is a beautiful tribute to Doyle !

The arrival of Wesley was really excellent, it is very well presented. In the beginning when I saw this guy without knowing that it's him, I take him for a super strong enemy, super class with his biker suit on his motorcycle :rolleyes:, he inspired respect and then after when I saw that it is Wesley, I laughed :D because in truth he represents the opposite. He is blunderer, and unsure of him. He is very comic. However, I do not know but I found that sometime it was close to the caricature. Like when he wants to grab the knife in his shoes or sock lol and he falls on the ground, can't stand up, it was certainly a bit funny but I especially found that it was caricatural . It must be done more in subtlety ! I hope that the writers will not abuse of that because I can very quickly find that annoying !

The Wesley that we find on Angel is quite different from the one introduced on Buffy. In Sunnydale he was Buffy and Faith watcher, he was very respectful of the rules, not very good at fighting and he was fearful. Now he is more courageous, less timid ("A rogue demon hunter" please :D) and very independent. It's good to make a quick presentation for fans of Ats only, and it shows that Angel is not very enthusiastic to see him again (I understand him in view of what happened in Buffy) and Cordelia manifests more astonishment than joy. Wesley lacks self-confidence, he blames himself for his mistakes at Sunnydale and maybe he is right maybe not, I don't know but I think that the proverb which say that our mistakes teach us more and make us grow is truthful for him. The errors that he did made him most mature, more endearing and much more human in a sense.
However, I regret that his arrival is done as quickly, it gives the impression that the writers want to quickly replace Doyle. I would have liked several episode with only Cordelia and Angel At least they left Glenn Quinn in the credits.

The last scene really breathes the family side. I LOVE this moment ! Wesley does his monologue about him being a lonely hunter while all he wants is stay here with them.
I like how Angel just offers him to stay eating with them and make us understand, without actually saying, he will be part of the team.
This scene is simple but very touching because they discuss of unimportant things and I do not know but I love the innocence, the safe side that emerges. Very nice moment. And Angel cooks please :eek::eek::eek:, no but that's normal that it is the only one who does not eat who cook o_O. In any case you know what we say, a man who cooks, he is good to marry :D. So, candidates ? :p


"Hi honey, I'm home"
Staff member
Jul 31, 2018
I love that episode

- Cordelia has grief about Doyle's death her moments when she says Doyle should have had a favorite mug or mentions him is sad.:(
- Wes is in LA during ATS he will become a great character, he is so funny he's a rogue demon hunter lol :) he tries to act like a badass but fails, love the way he talks about food when he sees Angel making eggs he doesn't want to tells them he's hungry he comes back at the second he was leaving AI and then he's happy when Angel proposes him to eat.
- Love that last scene when Angel, Wes & Cordy eats toasts and eggs together it is so sweet :)
- Angel & Wesley scene is amazing, I love his smile/grin to Wesley when he finds that he is in LA. :)
- Angel is funny when he makes joke about not wanting to find Cordy making out in the couch with the demon :D.


Socially Awkward
Aug 16, 2020
I gotta admit, watching this for the first time... I still need some time to adjust to Wesley and his, erm... kinda cutesy Rogue Demon Hunter wannabe persona, I guess? I guess it would be adorable for some people? lol Hopefully the more dramatic character developments would come soon for Wes, 'coz when he started to go through self-pity when Cordelia was kidnapped, and Angel was like, "I'm looking for clues. Feel free to help at any time?" I pretty much felt really peeved by Wes. Like this is the same Wes that I was annoyed by in Buffy season 3.

I guess people would be more comfortable with this knowing how much Wes has grown in the future seasons, but as it is now, Wes coming in so soon to replace the much more likable Doyle, I just can't deal with him.

To his credit though, I did laugh at some of his goof-ups, if that means anything. Like the final scene with him trying to get Angel to keep him around was kinda amusing, I guess, as far as TV writing goes. I just can't help but think that the writers were obligated to write in Wes immediately since Doyle has left. I know that there were rumors that Whedon intended to include Wes in the cast all along, but my point is that, regardless of his intentions, it was pretty clear that they weren't prepared for Quinn's sudden departure, and therefore, by extension, they probably didn't have a proper script in mind either for Wesley's entrance, and had to write up this... kinda awkward intro for him.
Last edited:


Odd Individual
Jan 27, 2019
I love this episode. For reasons that are probably blatant, but there's more to it than that.

The scenes with Angel and Cordy in the office in the aftermath of Doyle's death are extremely well played by both actors. I especially love Cordy's comment about the fact that Doyle should have had a special mug. The revelation that Cordy now has the visions is great and ties in really nicely with the idea of Doyle leaving something behind. Barney is a bit of an obvious villain, especially once he starts hanging around the office, but Maury Stirling gives a good performance. The presence of Wolfram and Hart it the auction also adds a bit of mystery and danger to the story.

So, we come to the reason why this episode is one of my favourites. The introduction of Wesley was the best thing to happen to the series in Season One, as it meant that the main three characters all felt distinctive and unique from each other, meaning there was more opportunity for conflict and interesting character dynamics, whilst retaining the teamwork of the first nine episodes. Doyle was a good character, but his backstory was too similar to Angel's and his personality was too similar to Xander's for me. Wesley is not only totally unique from the others, he is just a brilliantly written, flawed character in every episode. Alexis Denisof plays him perfectly as well; a genuinely underrated performer.

Anyway, better wrap this up before I start listing every time that Wesley makes me cry. This is the best episode yet of Season One, and it only gets better.

Stake fodder

Feb 6, 2021
Caught on a root
I also felt like the introduction of Wesley was too soon after Doyle's death. Not only because they aren't given much time to mourn, but it might have been interesting to show Angel and Cordelia trying to work on their own for a little while, so they would feel more need for Wesley when he shows up.

Still, Leather-Boy Wesley did lighten the gloom! He is ridiculous, and touchingly pathetic. Someone that attached to all the rules and strictures of the Watchers Council would be really lost once he was thrown out.

I like how Cordelia resents being given Doyle's power, and then immediately tries to dump it on every guy she crosses paths with.

The auction plot was a bit silly, and I don't know what good a seer's eyes would be if removed. But Barney being the bad guy was a good twist. The demons tend to be much less, well, demonic on this show than on BtVS.

It's sweet of Angel to cook for them, but can you trust the cooking of a guy who can't taste it himself? It's a nice ending, though, of them coming together as a new trio.
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