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Discussion of 1.11 "Out of Mind, Out of Sight" - Aired 5/19/1997 (WB-US)

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
Always see this as one of the sleeper hits of S1. Great pick up getting Clea Duvall before she was a bigger star. She does some great voice work as Marcie. Think you care enough about her character while still being sold that she is acting badly. The Cordy-Buffy stuff is great too. Like Cordelia's slowly moving towards the Scoobies.


modulating between criticism and reconstruction
Feb 18, 2014
Denver, Colorado
Snyder (to Buffy): And you need to stay away from the crime scene. Always sticking
your nose in.
Willow: (loudly) Sue? What did you say? Mitch was gonna sue the school?
Snyder: (diverted by Willow) Sue? Who?
Buffy mouths a 'thank you' to Willow and Xander and quickly goes onto
the locker room.
Xander: Well, his dad is the most powerful lawyer in Sunnydale.
Snyder: Hold on. What have you two heard?
Xander: His dad, the lawyer. You haven't heard of him?
Willow: Other lawyers call him 'The Beast'.

I don't know why but I always laugh at this scene. Especially the end (other lawyers call him "The Beast") lol!

Also, the yearbook scene was funny because it was so accurate about the high school experience. You can always tell from a yearbook who really didn't get along with whom, or when two people didn't know each other well when they wrote in their yearbooks things like "have a nice summer", or variations on this. It was a nice realistic touch I thought.


Odd Individual
Jan 27, 2019
I think this is one of the best high school metaphors of Season 1, if not the best. I just love the concept of a teenager that feels so ignored she literally becomes invisible, and this was also the first episode where I warmed to Cordelia. I find this to be a perfect example of a character that you're meant to dislike suddenly opening up and you see a whole new side to them. I didn't really like Cordy throughout Season 1 until this point where she becomes one of the best characters. Aside from all that, the episode has some really tense moments, particularly the ending in the Bronze. A very strong episode (in a string of them personally).
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