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Discussion of 1.16 "The Ring" - Aired 2/29/2000 (WB-US)


Odd Individual
Jan 27, 2019
If there's one word to describe 'The Ring', it's 'lazy'. Far from the worst episode of the season, but it doesn't have an original bone in its body; everything here has been done to death in genre shows for decades before this was on TV. Aside from anything else, gladiator type plots just don't interest me. Lilah is obviously a key talking point here, but her finest hour is her offer to Angel, whilst the majority of the plot takes place in the arena and the cages. At least the makeup department got to have fun.

Wes and Cordy are a lot of fun, admittedly, but the whole plot feels so shallow and underdone. The villains are boring, the premise is uninspired, and the resolution is awful. Saying that the heroes did something kind of stupid does not excuse the writer from including it in the story. Also, the title might be the worst in the Buffyverse.
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