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Discussion of 2.05 "Dear Boy" - Aired 10/24/2000 (WB-US)


Odd Individual
Jan 27, 2019
The Darla story kicks into full gear really well in this episode, and I for one have always enjoyed the flashbacks we get; it helps build the world of the series and the history of the characters so that we understand them better. It also just makes the story feel more epic, honestly. The cast are all on top form here, and I love the interplay between Lindsey and Darla; this is where I first start to get interested in Lindsey as a character. The reunion scenes between Angel and Darla may be a bit over the top, but I find them far less grating than his scenes with Buffy post-BtVS Season 3.

This episode could have done without Kate however. I don't even know if they were trying to make her likeable at this point, but if they were, it doesn't come across. Does anyone else feel that they were implying she's kind of racist when questioning Gunn? Just her very abrupt manner with him regarding his ID and criminal record, and Gunn himself clearly doesn't take to her. Maybe I'm reading too much into it. Either way, Kate drags the episode down a peg, but there's plenty of stuff to keep you interested, especially the scene where Angel is framed for murder.

Stake fodder

Feb 6, 2021
Caught on a root
I enjoyed this episode, and the flashbacks, but I agree that Darla's plot doesn't make sense. Trying to frame Angel won't do any good. And if W&H and Darla think that Angel will lose his soul by having sex with her, then why hasn't it happened after all their nighttime shenanigans? Some were dreams, but I gathered that some encounters were actually happening while Angel slept. And no Angelus. Plus, it doesn't seem to have occurred to Darla that if Angelus returns, she'll be his first snack.

Though Angel does seem to be reverting a bit. He seems to reminisce about a convent he destroyed, and I'm not sure if when he's smelling Cordelia's hair if he's attracted as a man or a vampire, but it's odd of him either way.

I agree with @RDHWesley that the scene between Gunn and Kate seems racist. Why does she fixate on him? I worried Gunn would be shot. I don't know why they keeping poking Kate out; she exists just to be oppositional, and it's boring.

Angel expects Darla to be affected by a soul, but I have always thought that vampire souls are more like regaining a conscience. We have lots of examples of humans without consciences, despite having souls. Darla is obviously going down this path, which gives her a promising future at W&H.

"You're going to feel it, you know. ...That man you got killed?"
"Please, he was an actor." 😂

The MOTWs lately are almost an after-thought. But someone better clean up that demon goo before they fill the water tank, yuck.

I'm looking forward to the rest of this arc, and more about Drusilla, who barely got a look-in this time. And really, can Lorne not give Angel private readings, and stop tormenting his customers?:oops:
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