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Discussion of 2.12 "Blood Money" - Aired 1/23/2001 (WB-US)

Sep 2, 2020
I really liked this until I remembered they'd met and then I was too irritated to really enjoy it after that. I liked seeing Anne has sorted her life out but it just seems ridiculous that that wouldn't recognise each other. Angel looks literally the same and, while Anne looked significantly different, Angel isn't stupid.
A pity, because I liked the Boone twist

Stake fodder

Feb 6, 2021
Caught on a root
I didn't remember Anne, either, until I heard her name and a little backstory, so I can't blame Angel! She looked extremely different when he met her in "Lie to Me," and her name then was Chanterelle. Though he might have found out if he delved into why she wasn't shocked that he was a vampire. A mention of Buffy would have been nice, but it might have pushed Angel out of the dark arc he's going down.

A party guest asked one of the celebs, "This thing about making your character gay, is that all about ratings?" An allusion to Willow, I'm assuming?

This episode was fun enough, but it all seemed like penny-ante stuff. Charity fraud seems like small potatoes for Wolfram & Hart, more mustache-twirling than demonic. It also seemed too minor for Angel to care about: it's not killing people, it's just money.

I enjoyed Lilah and Lindsey being put in their places, that the Senior Partners consider Angel indispensible, not them. I also liked the demon that does not breathe fire. :D


Mar 26, 2021
2 writing errors in this episode.

- Angel and Anne not recognising each other.

- Angel being able to get into Lilah's car without an invite. We know from Buffy season two that Cordelia had to get Willow to do a spell on her car to reverse the invite after he turned into Angelus.

Apart from that, a fun episode.


Mar 13, 2016
It was a joke about Cordelia and her car. (But the standards are weird on what counts and what doesn't. Sometimes it's so strange that I'm not convinced that Angel entering Kate's apartment in another ep before she was dead was truly violating the rules for a couple of reasons. I wish that had been explained better, like other occult matters.)

However, Angel really should've remembered Anne. Even the guy watching the series for the first time now (who saw it recently) commented on it. If their bumping into each other was truly an accident, then maybe, even with Angel's photographic memory. But given the amount of work he went into (if I didn't have context, I'd assumed he had made a shrine to her), he should've remembered her.
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