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Discussion of 2.16 "Epiphany" - Aired 2/27/2001 (WB-US)

Stake fodder

Feb 6, 2021
Caught on a root
I agree with the above, about the fake-out at the beginning. I think it would have worked better if Angel went into his panic, then stopped and realized, "Oh wait, so is it not going to happen?" As he told the guru in 'Guise Will Be Guise,' the curse is not really about the sex.

I liked the parallel with Buffy's line, too. Though I felt like Darla felt it all a bit more than she should, knowing the previous ruthlessness of her character. I felt like she should ultimately shrug it off, once she left Angel.

"You've turned a corner. Yay, you! Zuzu's petals." Loved the allusion to "It's a Wonderful Life." I'm really enjoying Lorne/The Host this season.

I rolled my eyes at another impregnation of Cordelia. The three-eyed demons seemed a bit corny in an otherwise serious episode. Also, if they require a human host, they are not "self-replicating"! Finally, the head-rape of Cordelia was just rather disturbing. Like Cordy said about the virgin sacrifices, why is it always the woman? And from now on, Cordy, get payment in advance!

What was up with Redneck!Lindsey? The old farm truck, the wife-beater undershirt, and plaid coat? It was like he had come straight from the honky-tonk. And his hand got smashed. I never notice his fake hand till it's damaged in some way.

I wondered at the time how Angel got into Kate's. So, apparently The Powers that Be can make exceptions to the vampire rules when they want.

I like that the trio don't seem prepared to instantly forgive and forget with Angel. That tends to happen on BtVS, but it would be wrong on a show about redemption and atonement. Altogether, it was one of the better episodes of the season, I thought.
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