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Discussion of 2.18 "Killed By Death" - Aired 3/3/1998 (WB-US)

Btvs fan

Feb 11, 2019
On the rewatch I don't dislike it like I initially did.
I used to view this episode as just pointless being between Passion and IOHEFY but it not half bad. I actually enjoy this and think its quite good. Yes it's basically Buffy v Freddy but its still fun. Again Cordy is written badly when she is constantly harping on about how Buffy looks but she improves in the Tact is just not saying honest stuff line which is gold. As is Giles reaction when she is paired with him 😂
Xander standing up to Angelus in the hospital is really great and how Buffy kills the Kinderstat is great as is the drawing by the kid of it 😃
Still not sure why Joyce is being Willow and Xamders slave at the end 🤔but still it's not a deal breaker. All in all 7.5/10


Jul 29, 2016
I actually missed a lot of Season 2 when it first aired on BBC2. I caught the last half of this episode which piqued my interest enough to see the next episode IOHEFY. When Spike stood up out of that Wheelchair at the end I was hooked.

I think Der Kinderstod is one of the show's scariest monsters of the week alongside the Gentlemen and Gnarl. Gnarl just really creeps me out. I think they could've done without the Celia backstory. Buffy just seeing the demon and the kids being killed off is enough to make the point, we didn't need the whole "Buffy is scared of hospitals because her cousin who has never been mentioned before or after this episode was killed by the monster of the week that Buffy will now be fighting".

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
Cordy rules this episode! Not just her classic tact line. I also love her flirting with the dorky security guard and the banter with Xander :D Also her reactions to the pictures of the demons :p

This is a sleeper episode. Its a bit cheesy, but its also creepy at times. I like the backstory of Buffy and her cousin and the idea of her getting ill as a weakness.
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