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Discussion of 2.21 "Becoming Pt. I" - Aired 5/12/1998 (WB-US)


Bite Me
Jun 18, 2003
Black Thorn
I like how this episode links back into When She Was Bad. Angel uses his knowledge of Buffy against her. He knows that she'll take the bait and confront him like she did in When She Was Bad and the vampires kidnapped Willow and Giles. His comment to her is chilling, especially as she realises what he's done and starts running away.

I wish Xander would get over his jealousy and realise that Buffy doesn't just want her boyfriend back. She feels incredibly guilty and bringing Angel back would help alleviate her guilt.

Give Us A Kiss

Fuffy Apologist
Feb 4, 2015
Another episode narrated by Angelus :)

A flashback to the 1800's, Angelus' accent is horrible, that is where he gets sired.

Angelus likes to stalk Buffy, just like Spike...

Giles is so cute, trying to scrape off rock with a tiny scrape thingy.

Xander, don't play with your fish sticks :p

Willow's sitting on Oz's lap, when did their relationship get to that level.

Snyde, annoying as ever.

Another flashback, with Dru and Angelus :)

Spike, Why are you still in a wheelchair if you can walk ?

Spike's head: Tilted as usual :p

Looks like Buffy and Willow found some interesting files of Jenny's...

Another flashback to the time Angel got a soul, I feel a bit bad for him as the soul causes Angel to brood constantly.

Giles' right, magic will cause more harm than good for Willow.

Dru is a bit like a child,in that she can't control her urges.

Willow swearing, that's new.

Kendra's back :)

Spike talking about having a big rock, I'll admit that turned me on a bit...

The rock has been opened, and a weird bull is in there...

Kendra has a sword ? Wouldn't a stake be enough ?

Angelus' face transformation seems believable here, more than usual.

Another flashback, where Whistler introduces Angel to the slayer herself.

Buffy used to be a lot like Cordy, with a fixation on lollipops.

Merrick telling Buffy she is the chosen one, Buffy must have thought he was kidding.

Buffy slays her first vampire, and tells her gullible mother a cover story she will fall for.

"Someone wasn't worth", is that a reference to Thor and his hammer ?

What just happened ???

Buffy leaves to kill Angel, Kendra gives her Mr. Pointy :)

Vampires, fight !

Dru's here, like how she made the vampires stop.

Dru's doing some screwed up stuff to Kendra, she hypnotized her and slit her throat.

R. I. P. Kendra, she will be missed, but Faith is definitely more fun to watch.

Buffy has a gun pointed at her :(

Next time: the last episode of the season.


Mar 13, 2016
I loved that Giles had an Orb that he used as a paperweight. :D

I'll always wonder how Angelus got a vampire to kill herself in an immolation-o-gram. :confused:


Jul 29, 2016
I'll always wonder how Angelus got a vampire to kill herself in an immolation-o-gram. :confused:

My guess is that vampire groups have a hierarchy and the minions all do what the dominant vampire says. There were several hierarchy changes in Season 2, first with Spike killing the anointed one (he challenged the minions to "step on up" in his first scene with the anointed one) then, when Spike was stuck in the wheelchair, Angelus took over because Spike was unable to defend his position as dominant vampire. It's very telling that Angelus tried to take Dru away from Spike because she was a sign of status (Angelus wanted to take Spike's position and lover). Unfortunately for him, Dru carried on with Spike despite Angelus' status as dominant vampire.


Pepper spray is just so passé
Oct 6, 2016
It's been quite a while since I last watched Buffy, which is a shame because now I don't get to feel the culmination of all the season 2 drama as fully. "Becoming" is my favourite episode, though, so I'll deal.

I really like all of Whistler's voiceovers in this episode! They're very affecting. Between "Passion" and this episode, is season 2 the only season that uses these kind of voiceovers?

David's notorious Irish accent just makes me laugh. I love seeing Darla again, though!

It's great how the episode manages to do some character work with Drusilla while simultaneously touching on so much of Angel's backstory – which is largely the focus of the episode.

"But the way I see it is that you wanna forget all about Ms. Calendar's murder so you can get your boyfriend back." Ugh, this scene... Buffy has been stewing in guilt and has been worn down ever since "Innocence"; in theory, it's actually a very good idea to restore Angel's soul as a preventative measure to keep the world from being sucked into hell.

Kendra! Okay, so, the way the most recent episode of Westworld centred around one character made me think about how instead of "Go Fish" being the episode right before the 2-part finale, it would've been good if 2x20 was an episode that centred around Kendra; I think it would be a better bridge between IOHEFY and "Becoming" in that it wouldn't break the momentum leading up to the finale because – as we know – Kendra ends up going to Sunnydale in the next episode with the knowledge a dark power is rising. And just from a storytelling perspective, it'd let the audience get attached to her before she, y'know, dies.

Watching this just reminds me of how interesting and well-done Angel's whole character arc is.

I'm happy that Doyle ultimately took on the role in season 1 of Angel, but I'm intrigued by Whistler's character.

The last scene between Buffy and Kendra is really sweet! "You named your stake?"

In any other show, lines like "Hello, lover." would no doubt make me cringe but works well with this Buffy/Angelus dynamic (when Buffy says it in the next episode it even feels like an empowering moment)

Tagline for Becoming Part 1: "The big moments are gonna come. You can't help that. It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's when you find out who you are."
Mr Trick
Mr Trick
Like your idea about Kendra getting her own episode to replace Go Fish. Really good call.

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
I know that Xander acts a bit dickish with the comment about Buffy being willing to forgot Jenny's death so she can have her boyfriend back. But it is a strength of the writing and the scene that you see his point of view even if he expressed it in the wrong way. Its a great scene anyway. Whether or not to kill Angelus/Angel or try to turn him back is a great hook.

The flashback stuff works really well too and adds depth to what we have seen up to this point and what we are going to see. Seeing pre-Sunnydale Buffy was a nice touch too. It was good to see a bit more of Dru's threat too.

Btvs fan

Feb 11, 2019
So for the rewatch I give the 1st part 9 instead of a full 10 out if 10. Why well 1 reason is Joss ending the cuts with long shots of DB smiling with a music score and it just looks ridiculous.
The 2nd is the Lolita scene. Joss knew exactly what he was doing and at the same time marketing the Teen heartthrob routine huge this was just not right. Its creepy and gross.

All that aside it's a wonderful episode with great ending.


"Tact is not saying true stuff. I'll pass."
Aug 30, 2018
United States
I gotta say that Buffy didn't learn about what happened in When She Was Bad because she fell for another trap here, not thinking the situation all the way through.


Never go for the kill when you can go for the pain
Apr 12, 2019
all around
Ok, I truly hate Xander in the library scene. To me, it seems more a comment motivated by jealousy than actual care for Jenny's death, specially since Giles seems to be ok with that idea. His "who cares?" question is also awfully put, obviously Buffy cares, he's definitely not naive enough to believe that Buffy has stopped caring about Angel and it has been greatly emphasized that Angel and Angelus are different entities, at least this season we are constantly told so -- if that the case (about which I personally have my own thoughts and questions that come back when Spike falls in love with Buffy in S5), he wants to get rid of Angel, not Angelus, and that really annoys me. I get the point of the scene and he redeems himself later, but he definitely acts like a jerk in this scene.
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