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Discussion of 3.04 "Carpe Noctem" - Aired 10/15/2001 (WB-US)


Sep 11, 2017
Body swaps are a pretty common plot device, and I choose to treat them as not about rape, unless the creators are using them for that purpose. I mean, obviously, if they were real, they bring up a whole range of moral and ethical issues. Or else "Freaky Friday" becomes a Lovecraftian Nightmare fuel, and that's just not needed.

Stake fodder

Feb 6, 2021
Caught on a root
Body-switching is not a new plot in the Buffyverse, but it's interesting to see it affect a vampire for once. I'm trying to figure out if there's a hidden meaning in the retirement home's name, Monserrat, but all I come up with is the Caribbean island, Montserrat, once a tropical paradise, but now partly ruined by volcanic eruptions. So, just like the young men taken over by Marcus, whose hunky bodies are ruined by the spell? Well, it's a bit of a stretch.

I anticipated some good bits about Angel having to experience the indignities of being old, for the first time after 270 years of (un-)life; some recognition that his desire to be human will lead to this eventually; or perhaps a scene where he enjoys reminiscing with other residents about "the old days." None of that happened, and while the episode certainly had some funny scenes, I felt there were missed opportunities there.

Instead, we get a lot of tired creeping on women by Marcus-Angel, with Lilah all too willing to be his bit of fluff. Are the writers so intimidated by women with power?

They haven't quite figured out what to do with Fred yet. And Angel needs to lose those weird, shiny trousers.
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