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Discussion of 3.18 "Double or Nothing" - Aired 4/22/2002 (WB-US)


Mar 7, 2009
Gunn and Fred are finding an oasis of happiness amidst the pain around them, but all of it may be lost when a repo-man shows up to collect on a bargain that Gunn made years before. In order to make good, Gunn must surrender his soul.
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Minuscule Redheaded One
Feb 8, 2011
Northern Minnesota
More icky feelings with this one...

-Gunn is very angry with Wesley, apparently.
-Aww, Groo and Cordy come back all happy.
-Angel just staring at that crib. Awful. The way Cordy went up to him was just perfect.
-Is Cordy's hair even short? Meh.
-Collect Angel's soul?!?!
-Bahahah, I love the old demon couple! Awesome!
-I love Groo. Such enthusiasm!
-I'm glad Fred went to visit Wesley. Someone should. Thought I still have mixed feelings. She said what needed to be said, though. :(
-"Hail to you, potential client." Hahahah.
-Go Gunn! That demon was disgusting. Love watching him fight.
-Gangsta's Paradise? Never thought I would hear that on this show.
-A British demon. Interesting.
-Cordy and Gunn had a nice talk. Awww.
-Gunn is pretty romantic and thoughtful. Cute with the breakfast in bed.
-Listening to Angel talk in his room...it hurts so much. :( "You lose everyone eventually...you get used to it...but he was just...little..." Awful.
-Fred is finally full! Haha.
-Oh, my gosh, that scene...Gunn was so mean. :( Did his soul get taken??? Argh.
-Angel saying he doesn't know how to go on living reminds me of Buffy in "Forever".
-Ooo, casino fight. I love Angel. :) I just hope he knows what he's doing....
-Loved the stake/beheading!!!!
-The truck!!!!! Oh, boy....
-Awww,Funn kisses!!!
-That lead to depressing scene of Angel taking the crib down.

This arc is just depressing me so much! It was nice to see Angel go through the grieving process in this ep. I'm glad Cordelia came back and was able to talk to him. The loss of a child is so awful, but then knowing and accepting he isn't coming back..argh. And the Fred/Gunn stuff-wow. It was like watching someone hurt puppies. :(


Bite Me
Jun 18, 2003
Black Thorn
This was have been the perfect cross over episode for Buffy to come over and confort Angel like he did for her after her mom died!

I didnt like Cordy's new hair cut, I just dont think it suited her. What I also realised in this episode was that Cordy didnt phone once to check how Connor was doing. Once Connor was born they set up Cordy as a mother figure, yet she left for days and didnt bother to phone and see how he was.

I loved Angel's reaction to finding out Fred and Gunn were dating! I think Gunn was only saying those things to help Fred, he was pushing her away to try and protect her.

Poor Gru, he's just so clueless :) And Gunn sold his soul for a truck...he's such a boy lol


Jun 2, 2013
Groo was so cute helping out at AI. :D
Cordy with short hair... no. She's gorgeous but it just makes her look 10 years older.
I really wasn't prepared to watch that eye gouging scene...
The new head that sprang out of the demon after it had been decapitated was horrible. Reminded me of the evil guy from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I don't get how all the demons beating it would ensure its head never grew back again though.


My arse is not pansy!
Jan 20, 2008
Wow Gunn, no need to get that harsh! I mean I see why - but when has that ever worked for anyone in the past - acting out of character, especially when he has been so over the top loving.

Mopey Angel, back to himself. Nice to see him take time. But snap back into action when his family needed him.

Ewww the head re-grow thing?

Sooky lalas kissing.

Give Us A Kiss

Fuffy Apologist
Feb 4, 2015
Lorne is working clothes, I prefer him in more Lorne-y clothes :)

Cordy's back :D

Groo looks awful with a Hawaiian shirt...:rolleyes:

Cordy, what did you do with your hair ??? o_O

Sherman ??? o_O

Old demon hitting on Fred, I'd have some words about this if Fred was a child...

Wes still can't talk, he would find an iPad useful right now...

Groo just looks strange...o_O

Phlegm is gross :eek:

How old is Gunn anyways ???

Gunn slayed vampires before Buffy even became the slayer :p

Gunn :mad:

Cordy, not helpful...

I could use some of Cordy's visions, might help me deal with unexpected things a little better...

Fred and Gunn are being sweet, at least it's not giving me cavities :)

Angel, you can't tell if a baby is left handed that early in life, it might just mean that Connor has a stronger grip with one hand.

Fred is wiped, I can relate to having fun and being wiped at the same time...

Good thing Gunn isn't sick :)

Poor Fred :(

Gunn :mad:

Now I want to cry, it's like Gunn went all crazy :(

Angel, good thing you are grieving...

At least Fred is observant :)

Angel has great timing :D

Angel was a gambler ??? o_O

He got beheaded :D

Now they are beating him up :D

Selling a soul for a truck ??? o_O

Time to disassemble the crib :(

Next time: Angel dabbling in dark things has consequences...

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
This is mostly a good episode. It was good to go more into depth to Gunn's past and the scenes with him and Fred were both cute and terrifying. I believed in their relationship. I love the creature effects in this episode, and that cockney sounding demon cracks me up everytime:p

The weakest parts of the episode is Angel mopping over Connor. I get they had to sell the events of the past episode but those scenes were just very dreary and not interesting to watch. Think Angel's role should have been limited mostly to the end. Great acting from Acker in the hospital scene with Wes too. And damn Gangsta Paradise playing makes me feel old!:eek:

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
Solid episode. The Casino scene near the end was good fun. Acker was great in that Hospital scene too. Angel mopping and some of the Groo stuff the low points.


Mar 7, 2018
York, England (Teabag Central)
Thinking about it, season three of Angel just grows on me more and more.

I can't really remember what I was doing in my life when I first saw this sequence of episodes, from Holtz, to my favourite character Wes' betrayal, to the inescapably charming Groosalugg, to Connor's birth, to Connor's return to our dimension as a teenager, to Sarjhan, to the pure beauty of Gunn and Fred's relationship.

This season is just awesome, and has a great vibe to it that is more suited to me as an adult than the later seasons of Buffy are that I used to watch as a child. This season of Angel is just easier on the adult palette, I find at least.

I was probably 14 when I first saw this season of Angel. I'm a big believer that where you are in your life when you first see something heavily informs your awareness and experience of that medium in the future.


My adult palate finds this episode a little too camp and lacking in substance.

They made a point out of finding fairly obscure indie music for Buffy, but they decided that Gangsta Paradise was the perfect theme music for young Gunn? And what is the deal with Fred being a tiny hoover for food?

But Angel taking the crib apart may be one of the most powerful moments on the show.
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