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Discussion of 3.19 "The Price" - Aired 4/29/2002 (WB-US)


Mar 7, 2009
When a client suddenly begins acting erratically, Angel and company discover that he has been infected by a strange, slug-like creature which takes over bodies and eventually kills the host. These creatures have infested the Hyperion, and the gang must find a way to destroy them before any more people are hurt.

Source: TV.com

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Minuscule Redheaded One
Feb 8, 2011
Northern Minnesota
-Gru giving Angel decorating advice is kind of funny. "Summer splendor is a hue more worthy of a champion." Whenever Angel sees one of Connor's things, it hurts my heart so badly.
-The Fang Gang should know better than to leave a pentagon painted on a floor. Ew, slug! GROSS!
-The voodoo that you do do. Hahahaha. Cordy is expressing exactly what I was thinking.
-Fred seems to care lots about Wesley. Interesting.
-Awww, poor Gru hearing Cordy saying that about Angel. :(
-Lorne's hat is pretty spanky.
-Wow, that guy just turned right to dust, didn't he?
-By-product of using dark magic. Erm, same thing that happened when they brought Buffy back?
-"Was it worth it? Would I do it again? In a heart beat. Because he was my son!" I hear ya there, Angel.
-Aww, Fred, you're all smart, you can do it! Oh, Gunn, you had to say it, didn't you.
-Gavin is even more annoying than Lilah, I think.
-Glow in the dark slugs. New icky factor. Though they kind of look like fishing tackle...
-Snow globe water. That cannot be refreshing.
-I don't think I would want to find out what those sounds are. Nope, that ain't good at all.
-Gunn went to Wesley??? Wow. Glad though.
-The Destroyer is coming after Angel. Great. That ought to be fun.
-Well, I didn't expect Wesley to be so mad at everyone. I'm not sure that's justified. Andnhow handy that he just had the serum just lying around...
-"Gru, damsel in distress. You know what to do." Hahaha.
- Ooo, Cordy's demon self???? Ee gads! Not quite sure what just happened there...
-The Destoryer is coming. Wait, "Hi, Dad"??????????? (I knew Connor grew up at some point, but did not see that coming.) But...baby Connor? Meh.


Bite Me
Jun 18, 2003
Black Thorn
This episode reminded me so much of the film The Faculty, the see through bugs obsessing about water and possessing people.

I cant believe Gunn went to ask Wesley for help, especially after he was the one who was so against it. I cant believe how much Wes has changed, I really thought he wouldnt help them. It shows how much both Wes and Gunn care for Fred though.

I felt sorry for Gru, watching him realise that Cordy has strong feelings for Angel. Her demon power is cool.

It was a very good episode cliff hanger.


Tact is just not saying true stuff. I'll pass.
Jun 9, 2013
The reveal of Cordelia's newly acquired demonic abilities is what I like best about this episode and what made it worth a re-watch several months ago, but I feel that despite Angel being the only one who saw it there was a big missed opportunity in there being no follow-up storyline.
For me, it was only a semi-climactic reveal because it was a bit of a let down that there wasn't any hub-bub (as Lorne would put it) over it. Apparently the fact that she didn't have horns and a tail was good enough for her as shown when she woke up in 'Birthday' which is kind of symbolic of the lack of thought she needed to put into making the sacrifice for Angel and for the helpless, but it made no sense that no one else seemed interested in the identity of the demonic DNA she'd been given. I'm unconvinced it was actually demonic at all, it came across as angelic to me.

I wasn't a fan of the Groo arc which this episode was a portion of, for a combination of reasons. I did not appreciate that Cordelia jumped into his arms while Angel was in the middle of pouring his heart out finally, that was behavior I did not understand coming from her at this point in the series given her character evolution and was the one moment in the series (not counting season 4 when her behavior was not really hers because she was actually Jasmine) when I didn't like her. Then there is the fact that love triangles annoy me and we'd just had the one between Wes, Gunn and Fred which had also annoyed me especially when Gunn was the one who got the victory.

I really want to send my heart out to Groo when he was realizing in this episode that Angel was the one Cordelia truly loved because he really was a good man but sorry I'm just not feeling it. It was Angel who got my heart in this whole thing, the expressions he'd get watching them just broke my heart. May I point out here that DB is astounding at communicating what is going on in his characters' minds with just his eyes and he just killed it in this arc.

I cant believe Gunn went to ask Wesley for help, especially after he was the one who was so against it.

That was him putting aside his pettiness for the woman he loved, but personally I never bought him and Fred as a couple, even when it was still a love triangle I preferred Fresley. What I liked about that, however, was that it gave Gunn perspective of Angel's actions which had caused the infestation.


Grr Arrg
Nov 3, 2016
This scene::

* No.
* (off her look)
* You want me to say something to Angel
* about Wesley. Sorry. Can't. Won't.
* Why? Why can't you? You've
* known them both longer than anybody.
* Angel would listen to you...
* Probably. But he doesn't want to
* hear it. Which is why I'm not going
* to burden him--
* Look, whatever he did... It's Wesley.
* You care about it. I know you do.
* Can you imagine the pain he's in, how
* horrible he must be feeling--
* Angel's feelings are the only ones I
* care about. He's my priority.

I literally get sick when I watch it. Seriously Cordelia? A year ago Wesley was the one who had her back when Angel went all dark and took off. She spent how many months pissed at Angel and bonding with Wesley and Gunn?? Not to mention she was close to Wesley since Sunnydale days. And was at his bedside when he was shot. Since when is she Mrs. cleaver?? How in the hell does Angel become her top priority??? She's like a pod person, wearing white constantly and all blonde. I get they were pushing this Cordelia loves Angel shtick but it's really unconvincing. And really
Insulting in my opinion. The whole thing drives me crazy. By the end is she purified and killed off. Real nice Joss.


two by two, hands of blue
May 17, 2008
Black Thorn
* Angel's feelings are the only ones I
* care about. He's my priority

She's like a pod person, wearing white constantly and all blonde.

Ugh, yes. I think that's the line I remember that annoyed me the most about Cangel. Everyone else is garbage and no one else matters but Angel. Since when?
And I dunno if it's Charisma's dodgy acting or the pod person, but she has a real glazed eyes look this whole season. She's saying her lines but her eyes aren't focused on who she's speaking to. I'd be worried she was possessed in season 3, not 4.

Give Us A Kiss

Fuffy Apologist
Feb 4, 2015
Repainting Connor's room, he really is gone :(

Who names a baby after a fruit ??? o_O

Cordy just made a reference to 'Amends' :eek:

Someone just came in...

Ewww :eek:

Poor Angel :(

Angel the stature :p

Cordy has a point, Angel should not have dabbled in dark magic.

Sometimes I forget that Cordy is half demon...

100 smoothies :eek:, he's now a demon...

I wonder how Wesley's doing...

Cordy said that with Groo in the room :eek:

Ebola is not a magic, it's a disease which had a big epidemic back in 2014...

Why is Lorne wearing a hat ??? o_O

He turned to dust :eek:

Why do the water sucking creatures have to be transparent ??? o_O

There are now 2 of them...

I miss Lindsay...

Groo, please dump Cordy...

Flashlights will definitely help :)

No :(

Gunn's right, it is Angel's fault...

We now have PI exterminators ??? o_O

Wes can talk, but it's different...

Alcohol might help, or will it ??? it does :eek:

Lorne has a tail ??? o_O

Connor :eek:

Next time: Connor is back as a teenager, now what ???

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
The MOTW part of the plot is strong. Felt a bit like Carpenter's The Thing. Liked Gunn standing up to Angel. He was in the right on that one for sure. Him going to Wes was a nice touch.

The Groo stuff is really dumb and pointless. Not just because its just reversing the roles between him and Angel from earlier in the season, but the way Cordy acts towards Angel is just too extreme and not convincing. The other thing is there's nothing invested in Groo as a long term character so I can't care about his feelings being hurt. I don't get why the writers thought the characters needed so many episodes.


Jul 29, 2016
Just saw this episode, I'd recorded it off the tv last year when E4 was showing the series and have only just watched it.

I think watching isolated episodes really showcases the flaws in the episode and for me, the biggest flaw in this episode is the acting, more specifically Cordelia, Gunn and Fred.

For Fred and Gunn, there were just a couple of scenes where they over did it eg AA over did it with Fred being all sweet and cute in the opening scenes whilst JAR came off as melodramatic in the scene with Wesley. However CC's acting was so fake and phony, there was times where you were literally watching someone just saying their lines. Her acting was better on Buffy. The short blonde hair is not Cordelia and that also stops you seeing the character because the actress is the one that comes through on screen not the character.

The slug things felt like half a story and it was a cop out that Cordelia just did her flashy light thing and then the problem was all solved.
Btvs fan
Id be interested in you review of the follow up episode to this A New World

Stake fodder

Feb 6, 2021
Caught on a root
Groo once again comes up with a light-hearted moment about the paint. He's very good with the comedic timing. How far the mighty have fallen, though. The Groosalugg, champion of the people, and his Princess are having to scrub the floor! Yeah, that's never coming out.

A number of commenters here felt this episode was pushing Cangel against, um, Groodelia? Not sure of the portmanteau here. That probably is where the writers were going, and yet I only felt Cordy focusing on a grieving friend, and needing to give him more of her time, and Groo is taking it the wrong way.

Lilah seems to be gaining confidence in her evil-doing powers. Which is a bad thing, and yet I'm liking her character better now. Gavin is a good foil, as someone on a more even footing with Lilah, and therefore we don't necessarily sympathize more with either, as opposed to when Lindsey was her opponent.

Fred is a good peacemaker, but she needs to leave Angel alone about it. I liked that Cordelia agreed with me. And Wesley being grudging and full of self-pity is pretty unbelievable. He needs to atone, and helping Gunn out is a good start. Ironically, the person who could best teach him about atonement is Angel.

Lorne: You mess with the powers of darkness...
Angel: There's a price to pay.
This bit cross-references with what Spike said to Xander after Buffy was revivified. I like when the two shows have parallels like that.

Cordy is mystified by her demon powers, but they do seem pretty versatile, coming out of nowhere to zap all the bugs. They claimed they were fleeing "the Destroyer," but seem hardly worthy of a hunter such as Connor turns out to be. They were a good, creepy MoTW, though.

And Connor's back! I'm glad that didn't drag out too long. And he does appear to be left-handed, as Angel predicted. This season's good with the cliff-hanger reveals!
I so much like your review :)
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