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Discussion of 4.05 "Supersymmetry" - Aired 11/3/2002 (WB-US)


Mar 7, 2009
After Fred's physics article is published; she's invited to speak at a symposium where a portal opens, bringing her face to face with a demon and a dark secret about her old professor. Meanwhile Angel visits a comic book store seeking to solve the mystery and find out why someone would want Fred out of the way.
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Bite Me
Jun 18, 2003
Black Thorn
I still dont like Fred and Gunn as a couple, but I thought it was sweet that Gunn tried to read that article, even though it was way too smart for him. Seeing Angel looking after Lorne was also really sweet. That hotel is really a security risk, there are way too many rooms! Poor Angel finding out that Connor and Cordy are ''sleeping'' together, he looked so hurt.

Fred is lovely when she's being all geeky and optimistic. I really enjoy watching Lilah and Wes trying to get one over on each other. You can never trust that there being sincere. I really like that through all Wes' darkness he stll has feelings for Fred.

I'm really disliking Connor. Its like when Dawn was brought in in season 5, I found her annoying, but she was annoying in a younger sibling kind of way, if that makes sence. Connor is annoying in a darker way. He's a lot like Holtz in that he's manipulating Cordy, saying he couldnt find pictures of Angel, not telling her that Angel told him to pack the slippers.

Poor Fred getting all nervous and overwhelmed. This episode is really highlighting how Gunn is out of his league when it comes to the smart stuff in Fred's life. Even though I'm not a fan of their relationship its sad to watch. I'm glad that Wes went to see Fred's presentation. I guess I shouldnt have been surprised that Lilah showed up. I was surprised when that giant snakey thing poped out of that portal though. I love watching the confrontation between Lilah and Angel, they spar so well with each other.

Again, poor Fred, writing on the walls again and being so scared that she'll get sucked into another portal. I liked Angel's nifty new vamp power of re-calling events, but I'd be incredibly suspicious if I'd just received them after talking to Lilah. I'm also really suspicious about Fred's teacher, the fact that 4 other students have gone missing and they were all taught by him. Watching Fred get all angry and full of hate, she's so good at going from one extreme emotion to another. I'm glad she went to Wes for help, even if it was so she could kill someone. It showed how he was on her wave length, not just about killing that teacher (which I think he shouldnt be encouraging) but also how he understood her paper.

Ok, Connor and Cordy kissing was just sick. I know she cant remember but she was practically his mother when he was a baby! I know she's confused but that's no excuse to send mixed messages, she shouldnt have kissed him and when she did she should have told him straight away that they shouldnt do that any more. She left Angel because they ''withheld the truth'' from her, how is this any different from what she's doing to Connor.

That demon that came out of the teachers office looked a lot like the Sunndale High Swim team.

Poor Gunn, his act just shows how much he loves Fred. The fact that by killing the teacher would destroy a part of Fred so he did it for her was charming in a very dark and twisted way.

I didnt like Cordy and Angel's reunion. She just seems to be playing father and son off each oher. She'd just told Connor that she needed time to figure out who she was and who she wanted to be with, then she goes straight to Angel and asks him out right if they had been in love. That's not finding out who she is and who she truely has feelings for and that's not being honest with them.
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Minuscule Redheaded One
Feb 8, 2011
Northern Minnesota
Alright, it's been awhile. Gotta remember what's happening!

-Awww, I love Fred's geekiness! And Gunn's "The pictures are...nice..."
-Angel wearing a button down sweater?! 0_o
-Love Lorne with the mini-axe in bed
-Freaking Connor. I do remember I don't like him! I commend Angel's patience.
-Well, Fred found the bright side of beingin Pylea, anyway.
-How does Wesley afford such a nice apartment?
-Ooo, Lilah shut down! :p
-Connor staring at boobies. Lovely.
-Nice to see Angel and Gunn supporting Fred in her speech, even though they have no idea what she's talking about.Aww, and Wesley, too! Though I would still like to punch him sometimes.
-Ugh, I hope she doesn't see Wesley and freak out! :/ Lilah there checking out the competition?
-What's with the guys and the mini-camera??
-Ah, and I still enjoy Angel and Lilah's chemistry.
-Hmm, Angel's got a theory....
-So, maybe the professor is making all the really smart students diappear? Hmmm...
-The chatty room comment!!!
-Eep, scary homicidal Fred...
-Yeah...don't let Fred out of your sight, boys.She went to Wesley?! Oh, my.
-All the talk about vengenace...I keep waiting for Anya to poof in
-Portal openings via text. Gotta love technology.
-Cordy's gettin' her groove back! And getting Connor?! EW!
-"You know what they say about payback? Well, I'm a bitch." LOVE IT!
-Oh, Gunn. Oh, no.
-Cordy is big into the flowy tops this season.
-"Were we in love?" *deep sigh*

Give Us A Kiss

Fuffy Apologist
Feb 4, 2015
Fred is squealing, what's going on ??? o_O

Poor Lorne :(

Why are W&H so concerned with Angel ??? They have more evil things to focus on...

Connor :eek:

So Cordy and Connor are sleeping together ??? o_O

Everyone is getting bored and Fred can't see it, is that a form of excitement ???

Lilah in pants, that looks weird...

Was Charisma Carpenter pregnant here ??? Because she looks a bit preggo here...

It's nice to see Fred in her natural habitat :)

Wes :eek:

Lilah, now that surprised me more than seeing Wes...

Looks like Wes wears a watch now...

I don't understand what Fred is saying...

No :eek: (I'm pretty sure Lilah did that...)

Lilah has been busted ;)

Yes you would Lilah...

What happened to Fred ??? She made so much progress :(

He had a camera, a tiny little camera...

That guy, I'm pretty sure he was on some shows on Nickelodeon back in the 2000's.

He's right, Fred deserves more...

Angel is famous enough for The Chatty Rooms :D

So her prof sent her to Pylea ??? Son of a bitch...

If Lilah didn't open the portal, then what was she doing there ??? o_O

Fred, don't kill him...

Wes is still keeping track of Fred, I think it's time for him to rejoin AI because Lilah isn't doing him any favors...

What the hell ??? o_O

Cordy still got it :D

The professor is going to get it :D

Fred, kill him :D

Gunn killed him :D

Cordy has made a lot of progress in the last 2 episodes :)

Next time: Memory loss for all.

Out for a walk

5 Words Or Less...
Jun 1, 2017
So which writer thought it was a good idea for Cordy and Connor to hook up? Yuck.

I love how the geeky guy mentions all the forums about Angel. :) Why yes...yes there are forums about Angel. ;)
Last edited:

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
Connor and Cordy don't need to be in this episode. This is an example of the writers just sticking them because they are part of the main cast. And another training sceneo_O

Strong episode mostly. Showing a more ruthless side to Fred was effective and Acker did a good job in selling it. Think it was worth revisiting her past too.


Mar 13, 2016
[snarky]I'm so sure they had enough to get the guy sent to Pelican Bay (a supermax prison in the US), even if he didn't call W&H.

And if Gunn feels any remorse, maybe he can talk it out with Angel who killed Pete in much the same way, and was willing to kill Lilah after his own son got sucked into a Hell dimension (*).([/snarky]

But seriously, if they tried to take the high road, Lawful Stupid is just as bad as Chaotic Stupid. Now if they wanted to think of options then maybe a spell placed on him that would cause his spells to backfire so he sucked himself through the next time he tried to suck one of them (or anyone else) through could be a viable and satisfying option. The way Angel and Gunn talked, though...it irked me, and I'm glad Wes helped her.

(* I wonder if the brain-showing demon torturing Cordy through her visions that had Angel release Billy for Cordelia or the blind assassin count. Even cutting off Lindsey's hands is grey enough that it falls flat when he gives Fred that speech against vengeance--especially as the professor remained a danger with demons and hell portals at his command.)
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