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Discussion of 4.07 "Apocalypse, Nowish" - Aired 11/17/2002 (WB-US)


"Tact is not saying true stuff. I'll pass."
Aug 30, 2018
United States
That makes no sense. There is no one around there is no one for her to be stealthy with.
It's either A) Lying to there audience (like evil Dawn with the cup of Tea in NPLH) or B) An abandoned plot thread due to CC pregnancy. Maybe the original intention was to have normal Cordy still trapped in there. Which makes some sense if they were originally going for the Becoming style ending.
It is most likely an error then.


Jun 17, 2018
Can I just say I hate this episode and I did when I watched it first so before I realised it was part of an arc that I didn't like.

Stake fodder

Feb 6, 2021
Caught on a root
Just when I thought Cangel had died, they had the most affecting scene of the whole relationship. And then Cordy sleeps with Connor. I guess I can see the pity-sex aspect if Cordy thought the world was ending... maybe? I'm trying to justify it, but I feel the revulsion that everyone else seems to. I know from spoilers that the plot thickens later, but I have to wonder if we, the viewing audience, are being punished for something, ala the AR to punish Spuffys, to be forced to view that!

"I don't know what's going on with cupcake and her icing...." I always love Lorne's nicknames! I had noticed that Gunn and Fred's romance was never shown beyond a few kisses, and now that they finally had bedroom scenes, they're breaking up! Too bad, I thought they were a cute couple. I'm not clear on why Fred is losing interest, unless it's just because of Wesley. And yet it seems like she only got interested when Wes got with Lilah.

Lorne has somehow become the office assistant; he's very versatile. If his vision was making W&H psychics' heads explode, how could our boys look at the documents safely? Was it because they were just looking, and not deciphering, beyond Wesley's few word translations?

RIP Gunn's axe that the camp kids made for him. The demon was impressive, though. I don't tend to like action sequences that much, but the fight between him and the AI gang was really good. And I rather like an apocalypse-demon that can't be defeated in one episode.

Last but most important: I had to look up Chocodiles, and was surprised to find that they are a real thing! I've had my share of Hostess products in my life, but have never heard of them.
I'd think the process that hurt Lorne was GETTING the info out of his head, not his having it. And even then it was so indecipherable that none of them could make sense out of it (at first).
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