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Discussion of 4.08 "Habeas Corpses" - Aired 1/15/2003 (WB-US)


Mar 7, 2009
Angel learns that there may be a connection between the Beast and Connor, only to discover that Connor is trapped inside the Wolfram & Hart offices, where the Beast is on a bloody rampage.
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Bite Me
Jun 18, 2003
Black Thorn
I think not seeing Angel's full reaction to having witnessed Cordy and Connor being together was a lot better than seeing it. Having just a view of that dark doorway and knowing Angel is inside lets the viewer choose how he's dealing with that pain.

The gang is really not in a good place at the minute. The tension between Wes, Fred and Gunn is really not helping and then Angel is understandably being more broody and closed off.

Poor Connor, Cordy is very manipulative. In a way Connor is a lot like Angel, he never seems to get to enjoy any moment of happiness for long. I really did feel sorry for Lilah, she seemed genuinely hurt by Wesley saying it was over. I'm glad Wes has had his epiphany though and is back with the gang.

I think Angel should have been honest with Cordy about knowing she'd slept with Connor. I was shocked that Connor went to W&H for answers, but I suppose he doesnt feel comfortable asking his dad to look into it. I can see why Gavin was killed off, his character had become sort of redundant. I was surprised that Wesley showed up to save Lilah. I'm glad that Wesley had the common sense to go and get the others to try and save Connor, instead of going back in himself. I thought it was so telling when Angel is saying he doesnt want Cordy to come with him because its too dangerous, yet he tells Fred to hurry up. I can see from Fred's point of view that she might be thinking that Angel cares less for her than he does for Cordy, but at this time he trusts Fred more than Cordy.

This episode definately started having a Resident Evil feel to it, especially Angel's ''lets split up'' comment and Gunn seemingly dying first. Plus the zombies and the little girl in the white room. The fact that an evil girl saved them in the end, just shows that this thing is so much more powerful.
It's Jasmidelia! Not Cordy!


Minuscule Redheaded One
Feb 8, 2011
Northern Minnesota
-Erm, did Angel fall down the stairs or what?!
-Yay, Fred and Gunn hugs! Nothing like an apocalypse to bring people closer together.
-"Did you see them?" Oh yes, Angel saw way too much of Cordy and Connor.
-Well, Cordelia, hope you feel swell about yourself this morning.
-And then she breaks it off with him. Cordelia isn't such a nice person anymore. :(
-Lilah and Wesley DO care about each other. At least a little bit. Heh. But ooo, Wesley is growing up?! Not sure why Lilah is surprised Wes is dropping her. He never really fought on her side, anyway.
-"The sky should not be made of fire." Good observation. Heh.
-"Strange things happen." "Like a vampire giving birth?"
-Connor in Lilah's office. That can't be a good idea.
-No low-jack needed. Of course the Beast found it's way to the evilest place in LA. Or possibly just where Connor is...
-Looks like W & H is going to need to do some hiring soon. Wonder why Mr. Beast is killing people on "his side". Maybe he just enjoys death of people, period, whether evil or good. Hmmm.
-Uh-oh, Lilah got herself a new piercing. And the Beast knows Connor, but so far not so big on killing him. Color me puzzled.
-Ooo, grenade! Points for Wesley! But how does he know Mr. Beast will hunt down everyone who works at H & M?
-I hope this doesn't mean we never see Lilah again. :(
-"We're all tired." "Wonder why." <3 Angel
-Oh, good, Beast makes zombies?!
-"Sergeant Stay at Home volunteering for duty." Heehee. Always at these times I'm like "They should call Buffy!!"
-Angel doesn't want Cordelia there. Because he just doesn't want to be around her? Doesn't want to protect her? Is scared for her? Hmmm.
-Watching the Fang Gang sneaking around W & H makes me feel like I'm watching a horror movie. Nerves. On. End.
-Yay for Father/Son hugs! And the zombie conversation is entertaining. Heehee. In the 'verse, all apocalyptic moment require punning. :D
-Well, zombies are something somewhat new. It's like watching Resident Evil all over again. Eep!
-I feel as though an evil lawyer corporation would have sturdier office doors.
-"I hate seeing someone I know like that. Even when it's someone I know I hate." Gunn. He's just awesome.
-Beast sucking out creepy girl's aura or whatever. That can't be good.
-Creepy girl apparently was in a good mood. Love Lorne checking to see how much he drank. Heh.
-Thank you, Angel, for telling Cordelia off. *fist pump* Now, go call Buffy, you guys can kill Beast and then canoodle. ;)

I think I may have just officially become a Bangel fan. :confused:


Jun 2, 2013
The Wes/Lilah moments were good. Especially her turning point where she tells him Connor is in the building.
I'm with Angel, the bickering between Gunn and Wesley is beyond annoying.
I just figured out that little girl was in a more recent film called Cyberbully (Not a film worth watching). Originally I thought it was the girl who played Sam in One Tree Hill.
The beast's murderous rampage, and the zombies chasing after them in a confined space, made this a very scary episode indeed!
I really felt sorry for Angel throughout this episode. Seeing Cordy and Connor together must have been devastating.

Give Us A Kiss

Fuffy Apologist
Feb 4, 2015
Angel, I don't like it either...

AI seemed to survive the fire :)

Truth in advertising is an oxymoron...:rolleyes:

Cordy, Connor, put some clothes on...

Connor probably lost his virginity just now...

Wes seems to switch his watch between wrists...

200 messages ??? :eek:

Is Wes finally putting his foot down ??? :)

Lilah, please don't...:rolleyes:

Lilah has a point, everything is shades of gray.

Cordy's memory is impressive :eek:

Why can't Lilah swear on the phone if she wants ??? o_O

Connor :eek:

I don't think that W&H will be giving any answers...

This is not an aftershock, this is much worse :(

I think that The Beast needs to be stopped...

So. Much. Blood :(

Eww :eek:

Wes :eek:

Smart idea, Wes ;)

They escaped :D

Lilah, I think that Connor will survive this :)


Angel, Cordy is not a baby, she can help and genuinely cares about Connor...

The Beast has no mercy on anyone :(

Zombies are very different than vampires...

Angel, you can't beat them all...

Angel, can you teach people photographic memory ???

The girl is dead :(

The girl managed to save them one last time :eek:

Angel, take Cordy seriously...:rolleyes:

I can't believe Angel kicked her out :eek:

Next time: The sun disappears during Gwen's second appearance.

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
Not the best episode. The stuff in Wolfram and Hart with the Zombies and the Beast is well done. But the character stuff just feels off. Gunns constant digs at Wes are just way too much. Fred acts out of character too. The Angel-Cordy-Connor stuff is just horrible.


Bangel shipper
Jul 19, 2012
Black Thorn
I just love season 4 :D This episode was so entertaining. Angel's off screen reaction to Cordelia and Connor's ''sexy time'' was heartbreaking . However, I loved his continuous digs at fake Cordelia. I felt bad for Connor. People keep manipulating him :( He desperately tries to find out who he is and what his purpose is. His hug with Angel was so cute and finally he listened to him and even provided a funny moment with the ''undead thing/like you''. Wesley and Lilah's break-up really sucks, but it's nice to see Lilah's vulnerability. The ending is so satisfying to me :p Go away, you witch!

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
Not much else to say. It's a strong episode on the whole. The Zombie twist was nicely done. Angel gets on my nerves at times. I get he's upset at Cordy, but he does this petty thing of squeezing a insult into every exchange with her when he should be focusing on other things. Yet, he takes a shot at Wes and Gunn for their petty feud later.
The last moment with Wes and Lilah was probably the highlight of the episode. Loved her doing the right thing is telling him about Connor.
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