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Discussion of 4.09 "Long Day's Journey" - Aired 1/22/2003 (WB-US)


Mar 7, 2009
The gang learns that the Beast is planning to rip five magickal totems from the bodies of the beings who are protecting them. If he gets them all, then he will be able to blot out the sun forever. When they learn that the Beast already has four of the five, they plan to protect the final one with the help of the electrifying cat-burglar Gwen Raiden.
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Bite Me
Jun 18, 2003
Black Thorn
I love Lorne giving Angel a pep talk and poor Angel's all broody and defensive. Like Lorne said though, he's a Champion and he doesnt have the luxury of being able to wallow in self pity. I'm glad Gwen's back, I really like her character, she's got a lot of potential. I just wish they hadnt thrown in that stupid kiss with her and Angel.

I cant believe Connor didnt understand why what he and Cordy did was wrong and why it would really hurt Angel. Cordy is doing a really good job of pitting Angel and Connor against each other though. She is very manipulative.

I'm glad that the gang is looking into the cryptic message left by the demon child in the previous episode. Its a shame that you can see Wes and Fred growing closer together while Gunn is getting pushed to the side lines. I think its sad that Angel only left his room after Cordy gave him the same speach that Lorne had done earlier. It shows how much he depends on her, even after what she did. I love when Gwen showed up, she increased the tension in the group more than I thought possible, what with Angel being all petty and trying to make Cordy jealous and Gunn and Fred holding a serious grudge. I also loved her home, it was amazing!

The whole thing was a complete set up and they pointed everything at Connor. I'm glad Angel acted how he did though, as if even if the Beast and Connor were linked he'd still look after him. What a shock to find out the person on the inside was Angelus.


Minuscule Redheaded One
Feb 8, 2011
Northern Minnesota
Ooo, I'm excited to see Gwen again!

-Nice O+. Love Lorne.
-"Don't interrupt me, I'm brooding". Hahahahaha
-"You're a champion, Angel. You don't get personal days." Indeed.
-Wonder what Gwen is up to...
-Creepy eyed guy.
-Ooo, saved by The Beast. What just happened can't be good.
-Weird hearing Connor actually refer to Angel as "my dad"
-Things in L.A. getting crazy, just like in Sunnydale...Hmmm
-Cordelia gets more and more aggravating by the ep
-W&H is neutralized. Nice.
-Gunn has a point - why is Cordelia acting weird towards the whole gang?
-I don't like the whole pantering of Fred and Wes in front of Gunn. :(
-I wish I could have punched Cordelia for being so patronizing to Angel. My goodness.
-"And you're the leader. So lead." I feel like Buffy and Angel are having parallel issues this season.
-Gwen in leather coming around makes the world a better place. :)
-And then Cordy is there, all jealous. ARGH.
-Love the chemistry between Angel and Gwen.
-Um, gruesome demon killing much?
-"Evil right down to her mary janes." Heh. I like this guy.
-Just L.A. would turn dark? Hmmm.
-Oh, nevermind.
-"Slight case of getting ripped-open to death in a cave."
-Gwen's got nice digs
-Cordy and Angel on guard duty together. That won't be awkward.
-Ew. Who is going to clean up the panic room??
-Cordelia's visions are awfully vague now that things are important. I'm not sure why, but I feel like she's manipulating the situations. Also not sure why she would be doing it. Hmm.
-Connor with smashy face. :(
-Well, The Beast is gone, but...ut-oh
-"We need Angelus." Oh, boy.

Why do I have a feeling nothing good will come next?

Give Us A Kiss

Fuffy Apologist
Feb 4, 2015
Gwen is good, as always and she has good chemistry with Angel :)

I always found it weird that Angel is the one that does all of the talking when he and Gwen are in Manjet's cave, since Angel is usually the quiet one.

I think that spiking Angel and Cordelia's drinks and killing Manjet without leaving traces was a genius evil plan ;)

Lorne was also pretty funny here :D

Give Us A Kiss

Fuffy Apologist
Feb 4, 2015
Pigs have blood types too ??? o_O

Connor and Cordelia,I don't like it either but it's not a reason to kick people out of your house, they are both over 18...

Gwen :eek:

His eyes :eek:

The beast is awful :(

Achy floor neck, that sucks :(

So W&H are now powerless ??? o_O

Cordy, do not do that :mad:

Angel, please stop acting like a teenager...:rolleyes:

The beast has no weaknesses, which makes him even scarier...

Gwen :eek:

Higher plane channel :p

His head is made of rocks :eek:

Killing off the Ra-tet, along with everyone else...

Gwen, that was pathetic :rolleyes:

Turn off the sun ??? That sucks :(

Manny should really be careful of the grim reaper...

Angel really needs to learn how to use a cellphone...

33 million dollars ??? that's a lot :eek:

Forth nanny ??? That's a lot :eek:

Swimsuit edition, pretty sure I know what he's doing in there...

No :(

The earth is doomed...

The Beast is too smart for his own good...

Fred, how would a portal help ??? o_O

Poor Cordy :(

Cordy is starting to become a bit useless...

Day is turning into permanent night :(

Do we need to bring Angelus back ??? Guess so...

Next time: Angelus is being brought back...

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
Nice, tight plot, and a good cameo from Gwen. Again the weak stuff is all the soap opera BS. But this was a more focused episode than some this season. It built the Beast story effectively.
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