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Discussion of 4.17 "Inside Out" - Aired 4/2/2003 (WB-US)


Mar 7, 2009
Angel goes looking for answers, trying to find out why Cordelia has turned against them. His first stop is the demon Skip, who has been so involved with the changes in Cordy's life. Meanwhile, Connor finds his loyalties tested by a most unexpected visitation.

Source: TV.com

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Bite Me
Jun 18, 2003
Black Thorn
I'm glad this episode explained Cordy's actions from the past few episodes, especially why Lorne misread Angelus. I really feel for Connor, he's noticing all these irregular things with Cordy but she just keeps manipulating him.

I really liked the sly Buffy reference that Skip made about a Slayer returning from Paradise, I just wished Angel would have commented back. I was shocked that Skip was a bad guy, he seemed so genuine.

I loved seeing Darla again. Listening to her trying to get through to Connor was heartbreaking. I felt so sorry for him when Cordy and Darla are both talking to him. I noticed Darla's dressed in white and Cordy's dressed in black, representing their good vs evil.

Angel having to kill the woman he loves to save the world, sounds like Buffy season 2 :)

I've listened to the commentary by Steven S Deknight.

This was his first time directing. Charisma was 8 and a half months pregnant and they were losing her after this episode so this had to be the episode were they explained everything. He goes on to say how good Charisma was as an actress, his shooting; close shots etc, how behind they got each day and how he ran out of time to shoot things he wanted. He also goes on about shooting locations.

Connor is a tragic figure, he has been manipulated all his life and the audience should want him to make the right decision but ultimately he doesnt because he is a tragic figure.

Cordy's black dress was the dress she wore in the last episode and they hadnt given her any chance or time in the storyline to change. Darla was dressed in white because she was meant to match the young girl they were about to kill. The contrast between Cordy and Darla was unintentional.

The actor who played Skip was only getting 4 hours sleep a night due to make up and scheduling, so he would sleep on the floor between takes because he was so exhausted.

They leave it up to the audience to decide if Skip is telling the truth about them having no say in their destiny or if he's still playing them.

When filming the Skip fight in the hotel Steven had spent the whole day feeling sick but he just put it down to the stress and nerves. By the end of the day most of the crew, including Amy were throwing up and it turned out to be a stomach bug.


Dec 12, 2012
I'm rewatching the Jasmine arc, and I started with this episode today. I loved Darla in this episode, I do think it was her. I think ''sharing a soul'' with someone made her a spirit guide. I can see why Julie Benz loved playing her in this episode. Yes, I'm a gigantic sucker for characters getting happy after lifes :)

I liked the revelation for Cordelia, I loved that the episode made it really clear that it wasn't Cordelia. Skip's evil :)

I felt so sorry for that poor girl that Connor kidnapped. It's so creepy ''virgins blood''. To quote Cordelia in Untouched ''there's not enough yuck in this world''

Loved the moment between Angel and Wes. How Angel cared about Lilah's death because Wes cared.

I'd probably give it 80/100. Would've improved the fight scenes, some of the music got annoying, and I do wish the episode revealed more about Angel's fears of having to kill someone they loved.


Raising penguins in Guam
Apr 17, 2011
Boston, MA
I've been thinking about the part where darla appears as an apparition to Connor. Some suggest she might be the first - who'd have reason to want to prevent jasmine's birth. But I believe she's a representative of the powers that be. Equal to jasmine but not fully corporeal - so she couldn't really fight her.

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Minuscule Redheaded One
Feb 8, 2011
Northern Minnesota
Ooo, I'm excited to see what the story is behind Cordy being all evil. And I have a feeling Connor is going to royally tick me off in this episode. Worse than usual.

-Well, not actually Cordelia, eh? Switcheroo as a high power? Hmm.
-Yup, there's Connor. No thought into why the gang might be keeping Cordy at gun point. Idiot.
-Kid viscious. Love it.
-So, Lorne's spell woke up the evil thing? Like, it came back with Cordy and got amnesia?
-"Because he hates you." Ok, Connor, would Cordelia really say that to you? After all the harping she's done?
-"I care what happened to her. Because you did." Angel is always loyal. :)
-And again, Cordelia would never poo-poo the doing of good and helping people. Connor = moron.
-Aren't TPTB dead? Hmmm.. Hey, it's SKIP! I always liked that guy.
-Buffy reference?! "Back? Nobody comes back from Paradise. Except a Slayer once, but..." As Angel quickly cuts him off.
-So Skippy was up to something, eh?
-Connor, I think it's been proved over and over that you definitely cannot take Angel in a fight.
-Skip apparently hasn't been paying attention to how well Angel fights. In any case, I'm curious about what his hand in things is if this started back in "Billy".
-Soo...Connor just believes that Cordy has labor-inducing know-how? Granted, he does have gullible tattooed on his forehead...
-Glad Connor at least feels bad about killing an innocent girl. Well, helping kill her. Alarm bells much, kid viscous?
-Ahhh, so Cordy was chosen to be a Higher Being because she's close to Angel and then could come back to manipulate everyone. Huh.
-Darla!! Back yet again. Hmmm. And TPTB sent her? So is this Darla with a soul or evil vamp Darla? Glad she's talking sense, though.
-I don't get it. Are The Powers evil then? But they sent Darla to get Connor to stop the birth, soo...I'm confused. And why would they need Fred and Gunn on board?
-And now Angel has to sacrifice the second woman he's ever loved. :(
-Ugh, the scene of Connor dragging the girl and Cordy in the shadows - so creepy.
-Seriously! Where does he figure she magically learned how to chant and do spells?
-So, I'm starting think The Beast was Skip and Cordelia's baby or something. Apparently he's unkillable.
-Way to procrastinate, Angel. Is that Zoey??
-And apparently she has a hold on the boys....

Mostly I'm just very confused right now.

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I've been thinking about the part where darla appears as an apparition to Connor. Some suggest she might be the first - who'd have reason to want to prevent jasmine's birth. But I believe she's a representative of the powers that be. Equal to jasmine but not fully corporeal - so she couldn't really fight her.

I was pondering on Darla being The First, too, but I can't figure out why The First would want to stop the birth or whatever just happened.

The Thirst Evil

The Un-slept
Mar 8, 2009
New Romney, Kent, UK
Connor grew up in Quor'toth, where I'm guessing you take everything as you see it and don't really question anything. Also, being a Hell Dimension, there probably weren't too many people so Connor wouldn't understand what's normal human behaviour and what isn't. That's why he's so easily manipulated, because he just doesn't know any better.

Out for a walk

5 Words Or Less...
Jun 1, 2017
-I liked Connor at first, but it has been downhill from there.

-Skip! I love Skip and I see that it is the same actor that plays Roy in The Office. I figured he wasn't acting in Angel's best interest this whole time.

-Interesting that all of their actions lead up to this.

-Good shot Wes! Sad to see Skip go though.

-So this is Jasmine. She is a good actress..interested in seeing how this goes.


Dec 1, 2016
-Skip! I love Skip and I see that it is the same actor that plays Roy in The Office. I figured he wasn't acting in Angel's best interest this whole time.

what?? I had never noticed it before!


I never would have guessed it to be honest...

Give Us A Kiss

Fuffy Apologist
Feb 4, 2015
Cordy got busted :D

Pretty damn ??? o_O

Angel is right, this thing is not Cordelia...

The Magic 8 Ball again, those things never worked for me, I always preferred a flip of a coin...

Disturbing stuff...

Connor is confused, again...

Is Connor that naive ??? o_O

Angel has a point, the powers aren't any help...

Skip :eek:

Skip forgot all about her...

Skip knows that Buffy was resurrected :eek:

Skippy :p

Ouch :(

It moved, what a surprise...

Chains help :)

Why do vampires like virgins ??? o_O

Connor :mad:

Skip, you shouldn't smoke...

Connor, I'm scared too...

Darla :eek:

I find Darla's voice annoying...

So this all started in season 1 ??? :eek:

Darla has a point, Connor and Cordy are like animals...

Glad to see Fred and Gunn being friendly :)

Connor seems to have a conscious now...

Poor Connor :(

Connor :mad:

Cordy :mad:

I think that the baby is coming out soon...

Skip seems to be immune to guns...or not...

What the hell is that ??? :eek:

She's from Firefly :eek:

Next time: Jasmine, Jasmine and more Jasmine...

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
One of the most underrated Angel episodes ever IMO. Darla and Skip in the same episode what's not to love?:cool:

This episode might actually be Connor's high point as a character. Either this or his S5 cameo.


Actual size.
Aug 1, 2017
Black Thorn
Watching a reaction of this and coming to realize something; I really don't like Connor outside of S5...but I find that my mind is changing, at least in this particular episode. His struggle between good and evil, Darla and Cordelia, his own internal battle, it's a pretty powerful thing. Well-written and acted and now I'm gonna have to pay attention to Connor to see if my mind will shift any more on the topic of him.

It doesn't help that watching After Show Reacts constantly call him stupid makes me very protective. Connor is many things - naive, thick-headed, stubborn, easily manipulated - but stupid has never been one of them, imo.


Mar 13, 2016
I've only seen the start (having to wait for the someone else to really continue the rewatch) and noticed Gunn says this:

"Guy steps out for a few hours, half the place goes super-villain."

I don't know if it counts, but maybe that's a pop-culture reference from The Faculty (where Zeke returns to find Stokes and Mary-Beth aliens.) Here, found it on IMDB: "I leave for five minutes, and when I come back everyone's a [expletive] alien."

Stake fodder

Feb 6, 2021
Caught on a root
It used to take two tranq darts to put Angel out, but here he needs only one. Clearly, the stress is getting to him. I like that this episode makes a comparison between Wesley's love and grief for Lilah, and how Angel is faced with having to kill Cordelia, whom he still loves, but who has turned evil.

I'm trying to figure out if somehow Billy was the start of all this, since that's how Skip was first introduced to Angel. Though I guess it goes even farther back, as they seem to be retconning everything back to Doyle giving Cordy his visions. What does that say about The Powers That Be, that they are actually evil after all?

Such a pity about Skip. I loved his "working stiff" demon persona. I never noticed that his shoulders are big mouths of teeth before!

Connor hasn't had a lot of ordinary life experience, but his naivete and unswerving devotion to Cordelia was becoming rather implausible, so I'm glad he's finally showing some doubts. I loved seeing Darla again, but how has she become the voice of Connor's conscience? Angel can never reach the end of redemption, but Darla has become an angel just by virtue of having temporarily shared a soul with Connor?

I loved Gunn's speech about the final score and the last shot. See, not just "the muscle"!

It's ironic that it was Cordelia who once complained about how "it always has to be the blood of a virgin," and now here she is, demanding some. I'm sure the writers did that deliberately.

Hmm, that "child" does not look like the offspring of Cordelia and Connor. I look forward to finally experiencing the Jasmine arc that I've heard so much about!
Mr Trick
Mr Trick
Yeah Connor being so easily swayed by Cordy grates on me. You'd think by now he's been around Angel and the gang long enough to at least consider them as being on the good side of things.
Billy is the biggest reason (and not only reason) that I think the Powers are evil in their own way, and Billy just a game piece. Otherwise, what was the point of his punishment? (Start a new thread if you want my essay on that.)
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