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Discussion of 4.18 "Shiny Happy People" - Aired 4/9/2003 (WB-US)


Mar 7, 2009
Cordelia's "child" is a fully grown woman, and everyone who sees or hears her instantly and rapturously begins to worship her. Angel and the crew are no exceptions, but that may change when one of them gets a glimpse of what this strange woman really is.

Source: TV.com

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Bite Me
Jun 18, 2003
Black Thorn
I found this episode deeply disturbing, watching everyone turn into crazy people, how they were all so happily following something so completely evil.

I was surprised that its fell to Fred to save the day. She seems the most unlikely one of the group to be able to do it but I suppose that's what keeps everything interesting.

It seems not all things have changed in this new magical world, Connor is blaming Fred's ''weird'' behaviour on magic and Angel's still brooding over doing the wrong thing.

I cant get over how ugly the real Jasmine is, she looks so scary and that guy that she touched, how half his face turned into a demon, that was so freaky!

This episode arc reminds me of the stroy arc they did on Charmed.
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Minuscule Redheaded One
Feb 8, 2011
Northern Minnesota
Just the name of the ep makes me giggle a bit. Hopefully the plot gets explained a bit in this ep, because I am thoroughly confused.

-So, was this lady what was controlling Cordelia? And why are Angel and Connor worshipping her?
-That was a nice thank you to Cordelia, but now she's all dead. :(
-Ah, ok, so beastmaster used Cordelia to give birth to itself. That is explained. Kind of.
-"Are you still evilish, because I'm confused." I heart Fred.
-I'm confused about this thrall the guys are under. And Cordy isn't dead?
-Angel's face explaining that they want to find her and worship her. Hilarious.
-Sooo....she's good? And an ally? Heh?
-She was around maybe when The First was then. And she was part of TPTB?
-Oh, wow. Angel won the trials for the life of Connor.
-Human head bowling. That's a new one.
-So much for keeping the demon fighting on the DL...
-This is just...weird.
-The way Jasmine talks reminds me of The First, who wants to be able to touch and feel and such.
-Night-blooming jasmine smells soooo good.
-Why do I feel like this lady wants to get rid of evil by blowing up the world or something?
-So Angel and Buffy are both generals in a war now.
-This seems to be turning into a cheesy hero movie. And is showing the gang demon-fighting alternating with Fred scrubbing supposed to be funny or poignant?
-Lorne gave up his rooms?!
-Well, at least Connor got some explanation as to why he exists.
-Sooo...trying to pit Connor against Angel again?
-Ew! Fred! Ew! At least she seems out of the thrall.
-Is Cordelia just in a coma for eternity now?
-Oh, Fred, not a good liar. but still so cute!
-Does this being/power create crazies like Glory?
-Oh, crap, is she making demons??
-"I am not called!" *phone rings* Silly Whedon irony.
-A bunch of people contained in one spot. That doesn't seem good.
-Don't tell him, Fred!! They'll probably try to kill you. :( Or something. Thsi is not going to be good.
-It's like a creepy cult house.
-Yup, there's that crazy manipulation we've seen from "Cordelia" all season.
-Jasmine? And she's on TV? She's like a tele-evangelist! This ep seems like "Gingerbread" in reverse...

So, TPTB needed Fred around Angel to be the side that opposes their plan? Or did Jasmine break away from TPTB and actually want Fred to stop her? *so. confused.*


Jun 2, 2013
Ew that sight of Jasmine was horribly unexpected. I thought she'd just appear as the tentacly silhouette we saw when she was 'born'.
It's disappointing that the others are so easily blinded to what's going on, just like Angel was in that gambling episode. It's just kind of annoying, especially this far along in the series, that all their love for each other (particularly Gunn and Wesley with Fred) couldn't overpower whatever hold Jasmine has on them.
What set off Fred seeing Jasmine's true nature? Was there some significance with the shirt?
The ending is sad with Fred feeling all alone in the world again.

Give Us A Kiss

Fuffy Apologist
Feb 4, 2015
Yes, Cordy just gave birth to a beautiful being...

I think that Cordy is gone...

The world would be a better place if babies were born potty trained and talking...

Life is more important than being organized...:)

I would consider Warren a hell spawn...

Fred, he would do it if he had to.

What did Connor do ??? o_O

Cordy is now in a coma :( (I'm surprised that Giles hasn't ended up in a coma yet...)

Mocha is a good description, even though it doesn't fit PC lingo... :)

Jasmine :eek:

So Jasmine is god ??? o_O

I think that taking Cordy to the hospital is a good idea...


So Connor is Jasmine's fault ??? o_O

Human heads as bowling balls :eek:

Post blackout LA, the vampires aren't happy...

Jasmine has a point...

I don't see Jasmine's appeal...

The gift of peace ??? Not going to happen...

Wes, those are weird names...

It's almost gone :eek:

You can't banish evil... :rolleyes:

Angel is nervous, it's so cute... :oops:

Less crime, that's good :D

Similes ??? o_O

Connor is having trust issues, understandable...

NO :eek:

Fred, Cordy is not going to wake up...

Angel, it may be a relief, but it's no good...

Dr. Counts ??? o_O

Like Gwen, Jasmine can't be touched...

Jasmine is contagious :p

Jasmine now has less privacy than a Kardashian...

I think that this season is proof that sanctuary spells don't work...

Angel got Jasmine flowers :eek:

Jasmine has a point, tomorrow is easier...

Jasmine :eek:

Next time: Jasmine is not invincible after all...


Feb 24, 2018
I love this episode. I think Jasmine makes a great villain thanks to the infinite charms of Gina Torres, who does a beautiful job, playing this serene goddess with a sinister agenda, as later revealed.

It's fascinating watching Team Angel be so enthralled by her. I think that's what makes the episode work, because it is so creepy.

I was surprised that its fell to Fred to save the day. She seems the most unlikely one of the group to be able to do it but I suppose that's what keeps everything interesting.

In the absence of Cordelia, they seize the chance to really develop Fred further, it happened at the beginning of the season when Fred was holding everything together and it happens now when Fred realises the truth.

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
I much prefer the next episode to this one because it's so Fred centered and did much more interesting things. I agree Gina Torres does a good job, but Jasmine and the story in this episode makes for boring viewer for me at least.


Feb 18, 2020
yall with the spoilers in these threads 😟 cant yall just speak of the episode at hand

Stake fodder

Feb 6, 2021
Caught on a root
I'm relieved that Cordelia didn't actually explode with Jasmine emerging from her. I was imagining it would be something like in "Alien," creature bursting out of the stomach, ick.

Angel's first word to her is "Unworthy." And then he says, "I should be punished." The god may change, but Angel's self-disparaging feelings stay the same! He is immediately the truest believer, and yet seems not in much danger of "pure happiness" as long as he feels so unworthy. But I notice he is wearing a light-colored shirt for once.

Jasmine's mojo does not work on the one guy, John Stoller, and later Fred. But it also didn't work on the bowling-alley vampires. Additionally, Stoller's face was decayed by her very touch, but she also held Lorne's hand at one point. So I'm not sure if these are continuity errors, or if Jasmine can turn the mojo off and on at will.

I laughed at the shots of Fred's manic scrubbing of Jasmine's shirt interspersed with the guys' battle scenes.

So Jasmine is clearly being compared to Jesus here, with everything that happened to the characters before foretelling her arrival. I'm trying to decide which of them is therefore John the Baptist, and I think it must be Connor. No chance he'll be beheaded later? :p

For beings who were banished from the Earth before humans arose, these gods/demons sure seem to recur a lot. And Jasmine's true face, yeeks!🤢
Good comment :)
The vampire that clawed Jasmine, getting her blood on him, ran into the guy that Jasmine couldn't affect. That's all I'll say on why Jasmine's powers don't work on everyone with a soul, the reason being the same. I guess it's mentioned later.
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