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Discussion of 4.19 "The Magic Bullet" - Aired 4/16/2003 (WB-US)


Mar 7, 2009
Fred is on the run from the rest of the Angel Investigations gang... and the entire city of Los Angeles. Jasmine is using every mind in the city to search for her and to bring her to ground. Fred must find a way to show Angel and the rest what she has seen before they manage to hunt her down.

Source: TV.com

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Bite Me
Jun 18, 2003
Black Thorn
Poor Fred, being chased by her friends, being all alone and not being able to trust anyone. I'd be so scared. Its a shame that Angel and Connor are getting on so well and its all because of this evil being. I cant believe that Holtz tied Connor to a tree and then left him for 5 days so he could learn tracking. I love that they sang Mandy together, it was hillarious.

I loved Fred's set up and that she was so sorry that she had to free Angel from the spell. Normally its a good thing being released from the evil spell. Watching Wes, Gunn and Lorne being all happy and safe in the hotel but having no free will at all and then seeing Fred and Angel in such a miserable place and being all sad. Then Angel and Fred kissing!! That was random.

So she's been eating those people to keep her strength up! I'm glad that the gang are all back together, its just sad that there not happier about it. Connor's reaction was a shock.

I've listened to the commentary by Jeffrey Bell.

The episode starts as un-Angel like as possible with the happy, bright view of LA, even the man driving the BMW was to show that the tone in the city had changed, because its unlikely that anyone driving a $70,000 car would stop to let people cross the road. By the end of the teaser its back to feeling like an Angel episode.

The scene in the hotel had about 125 extras, which was a lot for an Angel episode. The mislead at the start of the episode is trying to convince the audience that being Jasmine's ''special friend'' is an honor. The book shop owner is to show how ironic it is that someone whose obsessed with mind control and conspiracy theories is so easily taken over and just doesnt care about it.

The extra that is at the hotel with the ''working girl'' was told to glare at Fred, but all he seemed to do was smile and look at her on every take. The woman smoking the cig did nothing but smoke all day, even between takes. She was in a marlboro advert 50 years ago and had been smoking ever since. She also pulled Amy's arm to hard when Amy was running from the hotel. The guy who plays the guitar while Lorne is singing is Zack Wild, he's Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist. They had to clear all the kids off the set because he wouldnt stop swearing. The part of the little green demon was wrote specifically for that actor.

Charisma is near her due date while shooting this episode, so that's why they kept it to a minimum for her.


Minuscule Redheaded One
Feb 8, 2011
Northern Minnesota
-Hilarious opening montage and song.
-Men. Poor Fred. :( Her turn to save the world now!
-That's a lot of people in that hotel. Hopefully the Fang Gang are still getting paid for their good deeds.
-Eeep! I hope that baby didn't just get turned into a demon!
-This is just all so creeeeeeepy.
-Love this Magic Bullet owner guy.
-"Why should we be the only shiny happy people?"
-Angel finding out more about Connor's childhood. :( I hate Holtz and what he stole.
-Well, it hardly seems fair for Fred if Jasmine can just use everyone as a pair of binoculars while she's trying to hide.
-Scary on-fire guy! Like something out of a Koontz or King novel. Fred best head to Sunnydale. :)
-Now, Fred, if you were trying to hide, why would you walk right ON a road?!
-Awww, what a cute little demon!
-Sounds like the hotel is full, so hopefully they are getting some money for the rooms!
-"I have 37 cats...."
-Angel and Connor singing "Oh, "Jasmine". Oh, my, goodness.
-That little demon is pretty icky.
-Ahhh, Fred is so tricky and a smarty pants! Love it!! And yay, Angel is back with the good guys. :)
-Side note: Has anyone checked on Cordelia lately? Because even in a coma she needs nourishment and water...
-Frangel?!?!?! But seriously, cute moment with those two.
-And I think it's the first time we've seen just those two fighting together. Neat!!
-I'm guessing Jasmine sucks the life-force out of humans to heal/get more power or something?
-So...those people were just randomly peeking on Cordy? Ah, I see.
-Poor Angel having to do that. He still looooves her.
-YES! Get Lorne back!!
-"I ate them." "Cool."
-Alright, the Fang Gang is back on track!
-"I'll get him. I've kidnapped him before." Now, was that really a necessary comment, Wes?
-Connor. always with the threatening Angel.
-Ut-oh, the blood didn't work on Mr. Connor?!

That's an interesting twist.


Sep 14, 2008
Xander's Speedo
I haven't seen this episode in FOR.EV.ER. I tend to try to block out Season 4 as much as possible. LOL But I did feel so bad for Fred in this episode.


Jun 2, 2013
TMI about where your heart is located, Lorne. :D
I've seen that bookkeeper in something before. Just can't put my finger on what!
The way Jasmine was possessing people was really creepy. The Jasmine arc/ the gang fawning over her has been very annoying but I do find her pretty creepy at least.
Loved Angel and Connor singing Oh Jasmine lol. They actually sounded okay!
Still refuse to accept that Connor would be strong enough to throw Angel across the room.
I think this was one of the better episodes of the season, to its credit. I hate to say it but it was probably due to the lack of Cordelia.
It was a relief seeing Lorne, Wes and Gunn (especially Wes) back on their side, I didn't like him when he was anti-Fred. Connor is the only one I didn't mind being under the influence, because he always had a smile on his face lol.
I thought Fred had to actually look at Jasmine to see the lie? It seems weird that the others don't believe in her anymore as soon as their blood mixes with hers.
I did have a feeling that it wouldn't work on Connor. Why do they have to make him so annoying all the time?

Give Us A Kiss

Fuffy Apologist
Feb 4, 2015
Morning in LA, we don't usually get shots like this...

Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine... :rolleyes:

Poor Fred :(

Jasmine is overrated...

His heart is in his butt ??? o_O

Connor hasn't heard of Houdini ??? I'm surprised...

Fred, some stores remember you and exactly what you bought at their store...

Why does he have a chip in his head ??? o_O

Five days is not a short time...

How is that going to help them find Fred ??? o_O


What love ??? o_O

Poor Fred :(

Jasmine is creepy...

Vermin ??? o_O

That's some weird creature...

Royal yummines :p

Queen Jasmine ??? That's too far... :rolleyes:

Looks like even Zakk Wylde was charmed by Jasmine...

Jasmine=Jihad ??? I can see the similarities...

He eats human flesh :eek:

Fred killed him :D

So there was no second gunman that killed JFK ??? o_O

Angel :eek:

Angel seems back to normal...

Wes has a point, something is off...

Angel and Fred kissing :eek:

Cordy is still in a coma, time to take her to the hospital...

Angel :mad:

She still has reflexes :eek:

What's going on with Connor ??? o_O

Jasmine is so bright it hurt my eyes...

It didn't work on Connor :(

Next time: So there are other ways to defeat Jasmine...

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
This is the highlight of the Jasmine arc I think. The Fred and the bookstore guy stuff is great (I love the actor too). And there's just a bit more life to the satire in this episode.


Feb 18, 2020
So this episode is kinda boring and is no one gonna check on Cordelia? It reminds me of the Johnathon Buffy episode which i hated but maybe i like that one a bit better


Jul 10, 2018
Republic of Ireland
Good episode. It reminded me of the 60s tv series The Prisoner. Glad to see Fred get her chance to shine, even though it was really sad that she was all alone.

Stake fodder

Feb 6, 2021
Caught on a root
I enjoyed having a Fred-centric episode, which shows that she can manage on her own without the guys. Plus, this episode had so many hilarious bits and lines. The testimonials, the deadpan conspiracy-bookstore owner, Lorne's evangelist turn - all great stuff!

This episode did stir pity for Connor. If only they'd had more about his harsh childhood with Holtz throughout the season to make us feel more for him. And it's sad that being under Jasmine's spell is the closest that Connor and Angel have ever been. Their rendition of "Mandy", was a highlight of the season.

A couple of the writers have said on commentaries that Connor always has to be the foil, and it's true he always makes the wrong choice. I suppose Jasmine's blood didn't work on him because he's her father, and her blood is partly from him. And inevitably, he will have to lose Jasmine, too, and not have the comfort of friendship that the others have.

I wish someone would take Cordelia to the hospital already. She's going to die of starvation or thirst, lying in a coma in that hotel-room bed.
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