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Discussion of 5.01 "Conviction" - Aired 10/1/2003 (WB-US)


Mar 7, 2009
Angel and the group are still getting used to their ownership of Wolfram & Hart when one of their clients threatens to kill all of L.A. if they cannot get him acquitted in court. Meanwhile, the Senior Partners' liaison, Eve, introduces herself, Harmony becomes Angel's secretary, the Senior Partners grant Gunn new talents, and a mysterious envelope has been delivered.
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Bite Me
Jun 18, 2003
Black Thorn
I had so not realised that T.J. Thyne who plays Hodgins in Bones was in the teaser of this episode. This started like a normal Angel episode with him swooping in to save the girl, until the S.W.A.T team showed up :)

So Eve is the new Lilah, I'm not a fan of her. I'm also not loving Angel's new hair do. I love that Harmony is Angel's assistant, she's so shallow. There's no difference between vamp Harmony and High School Harmony.

Its sad that Wes and Fred dont know why Angel is taking this so personal. The fact that the SWAT team would willingly kill kids shows that W&H still have evil employees. I really dont like super smart Gunn, he's way too arrogant.

I've listened to the commentary of Joss Whedon.

They started this episode the same way episode 1 season 1 started. Then they took it away from him when W&H showed up. This season was different from other seasons and raised some of the hardest questions asked.

Alexis had contracted Bell's Palsy two weeks before shooting, which paralyses one side of the face. So you'll notice through the scenes of Wes they only shows the right hand side of his face.

With Eve, Joss wanted to set up that evil is pretty and engaging and also introduce some chemestry between her and Angel. Her throwing Angel the apple represents the group being cast out from other heroes that they are joining the dark side.

W&H has a very business like agenda, when viewing a threat first they try to destroy it, then they try to do a merger. Harmony is just a funny unbelievably shallow person, that will never change.

The storyline with Gunn came about because they never know what to do with J's character. The relationship with Fred had come and gone because happy relationships make for boring TV. Gunn really felt out of place. It also shows how all the characters loose their conviction.

Knox represents those types of people that live in a imoral vaccum, they dont care about the moral questions they just care about the business.

Killing that SWAT guy was to show that Angel was going to deal with W&H on their terms.
Mr Trick
Mr Trick
Interesting never heard about Alexis getting Bell's Palsy. Thankfully he seems to have recovered from it. The Eve experiment is one that didn't work.


Nov 9, 2010
yes, Angel's hair in the episode is.. gross. And I really hate it at the end when that SWAT guy says something about conviction and Angel is being a douche and says "no, there's one thing more powerful than conviction. Mercy. ".. vomit.
Whenever I do a rewatch of Ats, this episode makes me already tired of s5.


Minuscule Redheaded One
Feb 8, 2011
Northern Minnesota
Well, I just lost the whole thing I typed, but I can sum it up as whhhhhaaaa???

-None of the Fang Gang really wants to take on a leadership role in that place because they don't get what it means. Understandable.
-Angel eating the apple in front of Eve. Imagry.
-Gunn is a lawyer now. Huh. Evil? Not evil? Remains to be seen I guess.
-Harmony working for W&H. Right. Sad when she mentioned Cordelia though. :(
-I really dislike Angel's hair.
-Glad Angel beat down the commandos. Big part of the employee problem right there!
-Not sure what to make of Eve. (Was she in Boy Meets World?) Is she like Lilah - someone dead, but going back and forth?
-Love the point Angel makes about mercy. Because it's true. :)

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-And how did Spike end up in the amulet and mailed to Angel?!?!

Give Us A Kiss

Fuffy Apologist
Feb 4, 2015
Harmony working for W&H. Right. Sad when she mentioned Cordelia though.
I hate how they didn't tell Harmony about Cordy before, even though they probably knew that Harmony was Cordy's minion back in high school (Cordy was never one to shut up).

And I have to agree about Angel's hair.

Give Us A Kiss

Fuffy Apologist
Feb 4, 2015
Angel is still saving people at night :)

Angel has security now... :rolleyes:

This W&H thing is not working out...

Kid, the punisher is kind of violent IIRC...

Knoky ??? o_O

I don't get fung whatever either...

Angel has long hair :eek:

Eve, Angel doesn't take bribes...

Gunn has hair :eek:

Angel can eat now :eek:

So W&H have been dealing with presidents too ??? o_O

Eve :eek:

Harmony :eek:


Wes, why ??? :confused:

Harmony, Cordy is in a coma :(

You do the crime, you do the time...

Lorne's holding mind readings :p

Angel has a lot of cars to choose from :eek:

He sure loves to spank...

Waiting room music, the kind of music you don't want...

Gunn will be getting law knowledge Now...

He put it in the kid :mad:

Eve... :mad:

Fred, you need to sleep...

Those kids are going to die and they have no idea :(

Didn't work, Angel's here ;)

Gunn really knows his stuff now...

Fairy ??? o_O

Ouch :eek:

Eve is annoying...

Spike :eek:

Next time: Spike is back, now what ???

Mrs Gordo

Bangel extremist...
Jul 11, 2017
Black Thorn
I had so not realised that T.J. Thyne who plays Hodgins in Bones was in the teaser of this episode.
I just realized this too!! I can't believe I never noticed this before I've seen the episode a few times before but I just caught this LOL.


"You have superpowers,that's so cool,can you fly?"
Jul 31, 2018
Angel seemed pretty severe in the end, I think it's because of the question "Will the AI be corrupted " He seemed severe also in Unleashed, he let people eat a new werewolf guy.

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
Solid set up for the season. I do like the twist with Gunn becoming a lawyer. Though it feels a bit forced just for a sake of a twist how easily he got a miss-trial. Also if the client killed every living person in LA wouldn't that include himself? Pretty sure most people would take a prison sentence over death.

Eve is the weakest part of the episode. The actress just doesn't have the charisma or range to carry the part. They should have just kept Lilah as a contact or just drop that role.
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