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Discussion of 5.04 "Hell Bound" - Aired 10/22/2003 (WB-US)


Mar 7, 2009
After a series of horrific visions, Spike realizes that he is being pulled away from the material world and into hell. Fred tries frantically to find a way to save him, but soon realizes that there is an outside force that is causing Spike's dimensional shifts. An entity residing in Wolfram & Hart itself.

Source: TV.com

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Bite Me
Jun 18, 2003
Black Thorn
I'm sure the actor who played the Reaper in this episode also played Death in a Charmed episode.

I really liked this episode. I love Spike and Ange's interaction's, watching them on the couch together was hillarious. I also loved the referances to Buffy. Spike getting his own back on The Reaper was awesome, I love bad ass Spike.

I cant believe Angel was going to tell Fred off for over spending at W&H. Its evil money, they have more were that comes from. The fact that she had to remind Angel shows how dark he's coming. Yet Spike gives up his chance to be saved just to save Fred. That was so sweet!


Minuscule Redheaded One
Feb 8, 2011
Northern Minnesota
-Spike taking a cruise around W&H?
-Heh. Honing his spooking skills. Love how Spike and Fred are all flirty.
-Oh, great, is Spike going to try to steal Angel's prophesy?! Because that would be dumb.
-Spontaneous elevator going down!
-Um, creepy much? *shudder*
-Not sure James Marsters should be shown second in the opening credits. :/
-Awww, Wes still are caring for Fred. But yikes, Fred, $800k over budget?? For just the quarter?! Love her and Angel bantering about Spike. Both do have valid points.
-So...is W&H haunted or...?
-I don't really understand why Spike gets on Angel's back about how "easy" everything always is for him. I don't believe anything about Angel's ensouled life has been easy.
-"Never much liked you, Liam. Even when we were evil."
-This is actually pretty creepy. :/
-Spike makes noise while going up the stairs? And the hallway? Elevator going down. Probably not a good thing.
-Spike creeping on Gunn in the bathroom. Heh.
-So he's corporeal in that dimension? And are these people he's killed or dead people from the firm?
-oooo, shocking! Interesting.
-Sassy psychic. My. It pays to be polite.
-Glad Wes thought that one out and didn't just assume Spike was all killing people.
-Always have to have a creepy shower scene. So if Spike concentrates he can touch. Helpful. Also, is he left handed?
-Hmm. What's with that guy? And he has a knife. Not a good sign.
-"The dark soul. There's over 3,200 references. Four of them are about you." "What?!" Haha.
-Unnecessary surgery guy. Ahhh. And the W&H site is built on his blood. Swell. So. Creepy.
-"The equivalent of nuclear evil."
-Score! The Big Bad is back! Well, kind of. And dead doctor probably isn't going to win a fist fight against him. :D
-Wait, why can't they kill the Reaper?
-"That you're worth saving." *warm fuzzies*
-Ooo, I've seen that scene with Spike and the cup before. I think I caught the end of this ep once and I had no clue what was happening.
-Keeping unmentionables unmentioned. Heh.


Aug 31, 2008
Loved this episode, because apart from being Spike centric it featured the most amazing villain in the form of Pavayne. Loved how Spike sacrifices his ability to become corporal to save Fred.

Also loved that last chilling shot of Angel sealing Pavayne him in his prison.

"Welcome to Hell".

Exactly. 10/10
[No message]


Jun 2, 2013
Honestly Angel, it seems kind of obvious that Fred would have to make Spike corporeal to get him out of W&H... :rolleyes:
It was a nice episode, but mainly because of Spike and the super creepy ghosts. Pavayne was made out to be the main evil one but he looked silly to be honest. I think they put too much makeup on him.

So... is Pavayne immortal now? Because it sounds ike if he dies they'll be back to square one.
Another really morbid solution to the problem (eternal torment in the form of being trapped somewhere always depresses me) but at least this guy did deserve it.


Feb 8, 2017
Thought this was a great episode. I loved that it was Spike centric.

-he chose to save Fred, those 2 are very flirty
-how can he sit on the couch? Wouldn't he go through it?
-how is there no mention of Spike watching Fred shower?
-you're worth saving


Grr Arrg
Nov 3, 2016
I love Spike in this. I love how he cares about Fred and the way he looks at her. It's so sweet, not in anyway sexual or lecherous. It's really cute. I love all the Angel and Spike interactions they are hilarious together.

I like the reminder of how brave and badass Spike really is. Away from Buffy he really shines. I just love him :)

The only bad part about this episode to me was Gunn. I hate his arrogant attitude in the white room...he talk of personal favor as if he's special to the conduit. Gunn really disappointed me in this season (until Hole in the world anyway) I never bought him as someone who would so completely sell out. Gunn from season 1 would have kicked season 5 Gunns ass.

Loved Pavaynne.

Give Us A Kiss

Fuffy Apologist
Feb 4, 2015
Fred, all alone, anything could happen to her...

Spike :eek:

Poor ghosty Spike :(

Spike, you are more of a real boy than Phinocio.

Fred :eek:

Hell is more depressing than I thought it would be :(

Lorne's horns are getting smaller :eek:

Wes has a point, Fred is not OK...

Eve :eek:

Fred, Spike annoys Angel...

Fred likes Spike :p

Angel has a point, some people can't be saved, we've been seeing that a lot in the music world lately :(

Poor Spike :(

Does Angel spike his blood with alcohol ??? o_O

So prophecies=bullshit ??? o_O

I think that Angel might actually go to heaven...

Angel likes Barry Manilow, so ??? o_O

Why does Spike need to go through this ??? He's done some wrong things but that's nothing compared to what Hitler or Stalin have done...

The fingers are alive :eek:

Ouch :eek:

Why does Spike call everyone 'pet' ??? o_O

Sweet funky ??? That sounds very wrong...

Ouch :eek:

Blood :eek:

Fred needs some alone time in the shower...

Spike can touch things a bit now :D

Is that a Paul McCartney lookalike as a creepy reaper ??? o_O

Poor Spike :(

This is one of the first times I'm not getting any enjoyment from a shirtless Spike...

Naked seems more like it..

Gunn, not helping...or it is helping...

Go Spike :D

Reaper, you can't cheat hell for much longer...

Reaper :mad:

At least the reaper can die now...

Spike can hold a coffee mug :D

Now that is worse than hell :eek:

Next time: Lorne, Lorne and more Lorne.

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
Loved this episode, because apart from being Spike centric it featured the most amazing villain in the form of Pavayne. Loved how Spike sacrifices his ability to become corporal to save Fred.

Also loved that last chilling shot of Angel sealing Pavayne him in his prison.

"Welcome to Hell".

Exactly. 10/10

It's also interesting that Pavayne says to Spike after he made the choice, "There's hope for you yet" Its like even as the villain of the piece he can see that Spike has made a good moral choice. It's almost like a admission that what he has been doing is wrong, but that maybe its too late to go back now.

Angel telling Fred off for over spending was the weakest scene I agree with the others. I get why they have scenes like that, but they don't really work or feel compelling in a show like Angel.


"Hi honey, I'm home"
Staff member
Jul 31, 2018
How Spike and Fred are so sweet and adorable together in this episode !!!!

Stake fodder

Feb 6, 2021
Caught on a root
I'm getting tired of Spike being creepy-flirty with Fred, trying to scare her, spying on her in the shower, making eyes at her. Cast him back down into the basement! ...Oh good, they did. It's funny, the first time I watched S5, which I wanted for more BtVS, I was delighted it was so much about Spike. Now having watched all of AtS, and having become invested in Angel and the gang, I can't understand why they're making it so much about him!

I'm also with Angel: how did Spike become the major focus of Fred's lab? For $800,000 over budget? But aw, Fred believes in Spike. We know he's a sucker for that! Though I'm glad she emphasized that she's not falling for his charms, because there's more to Fred than that, and her real love is a physics problem! I really enjoyed Wes and Gunn's "well, duh" reaction to Fred's appalled reveal that Spike was going to hell. And the cracks in Spike's bravado are becoming chasms.

I liked Angel and Spike finally having a little heart-to-heart chat. They have history, if not fondness, and I like seeing that explored. The only thing more amazing than Spike (vs. human William) writing poetry is that Angelus liked it. I just cannot wrap my head around any of that! Acquiring souls has not (yet) changed their relationship dynamics: Spike still envies and tries to outdo Angel(-us), and Angel(-us) still finds Spike an annoying pest.

I loved the psychic who completely played against the wafty, ethereal type that psychics usually are. I hope she didn't die.

It was another dark ending, with Pavayne walled up to be bored to not-death for all eternity. I liked that Spike had to realize that he had to take his fate into his own hands, instead of passively waiting around for others to fix him. I felt like he was having to earn back his coat (and clothes!), his second skin, by that realization after Pavayne stripped him. It's similar to how he had to use the coat to regain his mojo and toughen up again in S7 BtVS.

Otherwise, Pavayne was a rather corny villain, I thought. And the ending was very contrived, with it all coming down to everything having to happen in a few seconds, a stock climax that I've never liked. There goes another $800,000 down the drain. But in general, a good episode. I love how Gunn continues to commune with the White Room panther.
Mr Trick
Mr Trick
One of the best episodes of S5 I think.
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