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Discussion of 5.07 "Fool For Love" - Aired 11/14/00 (WB-US)


Mar 22, 2017
Cape Town, South Africa
in Giles' nightmare, Giles says about Buffy that she is a kind of sacrificial lamb.
I think the Slayer as 'sacrificial lamb' is very pertinent to the idea of the Slayer Death Wish.
The Slayer's destiny isn't to defeat just one evil force, but to keep fighting until she dies and her power passes on to the next Chosen One. In this way, the slayer's calling and her sacrifice are one and the same thing.

In season 7, when we learn about the origin of the Slayer line, we find out that Watchers literally sacrificed a girl to a demon all those years ago. Buffy's rejection of this and her and Willow's eventual activation of all the slayers finally puts an end to the the 'Slayer as Sacrifice' and with it, the Slayer Death Wish.

Nitpicking: Does anyone find it weird that they made Willow (and other Scoobies) extremely annoying to show an "efficient and brave" Riley?
I guess, although I took this scene somewhat differently:

The Scoobies have been fighting evil for so long and are comfortable with their place and purpose in the group, they aren't trying to prove anything. They know that they aren't Buffy and aren't trying to be the big brave hero, they're just filling in.
Riley's inability to see this and be comfortable with a support role ends up making him look like a bit of a fool. And his roly-polys and hand signals just underline how desperate he is to recapture the command he had while with the initiative.

It's not always easy to know what the writers were trying to make us think with Riley, they're position on him seems to change a lot from episode to episode.


Apr 14, 2019
Not sure if this has been picked up before but rewatching the episode again last night and I have a theory in Cecilys comment to William about him being beneath her and being nothing to him.

At first I'd always just thought she was being mean, however if she's there as a vengeance demon (it's implied in older and far away) then her comment takes on a little more meaning.

He's nothing to her as he's not who she's there to take vengeance/ justice on and he's beneath her as she'd likely view humans as lesser beings.

Just a theory
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