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Discussion of 5.10 "Into The Woods" - Aired 12/19/00 (WB-US)

Btvs fan

Feb 11, 2019
Didn't Joss once say he didn't know how to write Angel because he was such a hero type and Joss didn't identify with such characters? Well to me Riley is cut from the same cloth, so I will never believe Joss loved that character. Virtually every word out of Riley's mouth says different, every action is a negative one. These writers wrote some of the most interesting and empathetic characters, and yet they offer us Riley Finn as Buffy's love interest? They make big bads and one hit motw compelling and then drop the ball so badly with Riley.

I dunno, I just don't think Joss would've gas lighted his own audience if Riley was intentionally meant to be bad.

No he said he found Angel hard to write as the Angel character was the one who beat him up in high school


Dec 24, 2020
Man, I can't tell with whom I sympathize in conflicted interactions this season. Lines between black and white are more blurry than ever, and interactions sometimes seem scarily real. But the thing is, I also find myself questioning whether they actually feel real or I find the imagination intriguing and would like it to feel real. I am also not sure whether what I'm writing even makes sense to you or not... 🤐 A darker season indeed...
Btvs fan
Posting when high is never recommended 😉
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