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Discussion of 5.12 "You're Welcome" - Aired 2/4/2004 (WB-US)

white avenger

white avenger
Sep 30, 2006
rome, georgia
I wish Cordelia would stay or at least she would return for the end of the series. And would help but unfortunately it did not work.
If you read IDW's "After The Fall" arc, it was established that either Cordy's influence on the dragon from the final scene in "Not Fade Away," or her actually being the dragon (who Angel actually named Cordelia) that served as the deus ex machina that kept Angel and his crew from being killed, so, technically, she did return, but no one knew it at the time.


Feb 18, 2020
This was gut enchantingly beautiful . I read about Charismas troubles and thoughts about being axed from the show before hand and her weight loss journey and I knew shed be in this episode. She looked AMAZING and the hair was so awesome. I knew she was going to die in the episode but wasent sure when I was so nervous cause i didnt know how it would happen. But wtf they tricked us again like in season 4 . I loved it tho and it was very nice of course I want more Cordelia because she was awesome here and looked beautiful but it is what it is. ugh im so sad now. I need a little break from my first binge watch of the show
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