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Discussion of 7.03 "Same Time, Same Place" - Aired 10/8/02 (UPN-US)


Apr 2, 2020
I love the bonding of the scoobies in this episode and how Anya fits totally back in but not as Xanders plus one. She’s always had great knowledge that was useful. This is the kind of thing s7 should have been more about rather than the cold bleakness we got

Stake fodder

Feb 6, 2021
Caught on a root
There are times I love Xander, and this is one, with his yellow-crayon sign. Xander doesn't get too many triumphant moments, and I think he deserves to gloat about saving the world with his mouth. Plus, taking Dark Willow down with talk alone foreshadows the First Evil's use of psychology to disrupt and traumatize.

Gnarl was one of the creepiest villains ever, and has possibly put me off pasta permanently.

The end scene between Buffy and Willow was gentle and accepting. It's maybe a little weird that Willow doesn't experience more residual remorse this season, but this last scene wrapped up the issue pretty well, since they wanted to move on. I was sorry that Xander and Willow didn't have a moment, too.

I also enjoyed Willow and Anya having scenes together and reconciling. Though, shouldn't someone look into those other demon lights all over the map?

Button, button, who's got the button? The reference to this old children's game is another instance of Crazy-Spike's dwelling on his childhood, like "I dropped my slate in the water and the chalk smeared. Sure to be caned." I wish they had developed this reckoning with his human past in the season, and just his having to cope with his new soul, but not enough time.

Spike calls Xander, "the boy"! Come to think of it, has Spike ever used Xander's name? Now I will have to check for this in my re-watch.
Ethan Reigns
Ethan Reigns
Spike uses Xander's name when he is trying to avoid being picked up by the Initiative and he uses a fake midwestern accent.
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