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Discussion of "Angel Aftermath #21" Release 20/05/2009 (IDW)

Buffyverse Fan

* The 28th *
Jan 11, 2009
United States
I'd say this was the best issue of Aftermath so far, but it was still pretty bad. Dialog was contrived and as others have commented about Armstrong's previous issues, she seems way more focused on creating her new characters and creating new and very different mythology than she cares about doing Joss' characters justice.


Agreed. Best Aftermath issue yet. I'm very pleased with the new artist. Although his style is still too cartoon-y, I think it does the characters more justice. Wasn't too keen on Cordelia appearing, I'd rather they keep her for the special occasions. I preferred her in After the Fall. I'm glad the story is coming together, I didn't see the connections between the different stories coming, but then again, I wasn't keeping as close an eye as I was when Brian was at the helm. I thought the role of the angels was just plain weird, divine beings hanging out at a gym? Please!

Anyway, I am excited to see the conclusion, if only so this chapter will be over.
Buffyverse Fan
Was it just me or did Cordy not even have a remote resemblance to Charisma?

Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
The Cordelia thing was piss poor. If you aren't going to do it right, don't do it at all.

For someone with all his faults, Connor is being a bit OTT with Gwen imo.

Why was James on earth so long?

And the Elohim thing reminds me of Whistler/Pearl/Nash in Season 9.
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