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Discussion of Angel & Spike #13 - Released 8/26/20 (Boom! Studios)

Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
Angel's been to hell -- but Hollywood in the 60s might be even worse! An untold story from Angel's past is revealed for the first time as Angel's Hollywood starlet friend is murdered -- and Angel is the only one looking for her killer. As Angel discovers the truth behind her death, he'll be forced to choose between justice and redemption -- and will make a choice that will haunt him forever.

Source: Comixology


Jan 25, 2016
This is a tale from Angel and Spike's past. Set in Hollywood in the early 60's, it's the story of an actress who's murdered and Angel helps her find the murderer. There's a lot going on here, with demons trading in souls and men killing demons with religious fervour. It ended in a way that might mean Spike was behind it all, but it's not definite. The story was very American gothic, with a Southern actress, a mad husband, a dead daughter etc., and the actress was written with a ton of down home personality. Bryan Edward Hill, the usual Angel + Spike writer has been replaced by Adam Smith and he might have been trying for a Faulkner vibe.

The art was characterful too. Every face was lined and shaded, not a real representation at all. The art definitely fitted with the story.
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