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Discussion of Buffy 10.30 "Own It, Part V" - Released 8/24/16 (Dark Horse)


Aug 18, 2016
Los Angeles, CA
And Buffy and Spike won't last I suspect, but unfortunately I don't see that Spike can have any meaningful character arcs after this. He's over as an independent character.

I think I've had enough of the whole Buffy/Spike/Angel schtick. Frankly, I wish that Whedon or whomever is in charge of these comics will simply allow all three to go their own separate ways - like "Broadcast News".


Jul 7, 2016
Black Thorn
You guys are all crazy. I had a blast with these last 2 issues. Yeah, it wasn't the most unpredictable finale ever, and yeah, you could probably find plot-holes if you wanted to, but it was still satisfying as hell, D'Hoffryn was a very good Big Bad and his comeuppance was incredibly fun, and I LOVED the way this season gave Anya the swansong she deserved. I was never bothered by her quick death in 'Chosen', but I WAS disappointed that we never got to see her kick D'Hoffryn's ass after 'Selfless', and this issue gave us that revenge in spectacular fashion. I also love the new status-quo with the council, and I love all the new familiar faces, and Dawn/Xander were great, and badass!Buffy is always fun to watch.

Wonder if the Spuffy shippers would be just as underwhelmed by the Season as the non-Spuffy shippers if there hadn't been any romantic Spuffy. Something tells me, they would have been.
Well, I'm a big fan of Spuffy, and they were actually some of my least favorite parts of the season. They weren't BAD or anything, they were just a little too soapy, and a little too fan-fic-y, and a little too by-the-numbers and cliched and dull. I love Buffy and Spike because they're so WRONG for each other, and this season didn't really address their conflicts in ways that felt organic and/or fascinating to me... I would have loved Spike to be REALLY tempted by his vampiric nature (and/or his past), and NOT through simple mind control. They could have brought Drusilla back to the 'Buffy' book (the 'Angel & Faith' book totally wasted her in season 10), and Spike would try to help her somehow (maybe he'd try to get her a soul, or try to help her back to sanity, or both), and that could create conflict between him and Buffy in all sorts of interesting ways (as long as the writers don't turn it into a soap-opera). They could give Buffy and Spike a sort of IDEOLOGICAL conflict as a reason for their problems, instead of just having them split over childish pettiness. They kinda hinted at this when Buffy left Dawn in hell and Spike disagreed with her about it, but they didn't really delve into it.

And still, despite the relative weakness of Spuffy (they weren't BAD, but they weren't as great as they were in previous seasons) I loved the vast majority of the season. The witty dialogue was back after being almost completely absent in season 9, and the book finally learned that it needs to focus on the CORE characters instead of the side players, and D'Hoffryn was a very good Big Bad, and the first arc was almost PERFECT, and there were a bunch of great twists, and it ended in the most satisfying Buffyverse finale since 'Last Gleaming'. I'd give the entire season 8/10. Maybe 8.5/10. Not quite as good as season 8, but still much better than season 9.
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