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Discussion of Buffy 11.12 - Released 10/25/17 (Dark Horse)


Mar 23, 2017
Black Thorn
Hell maybe he will just die. And to that end I say... perhaps its time he rest in peace. :(

Ha, I love how "maybe Angel will just die" has become the moderate position! :)

I really do think that perhaps they aren't saying anything until Angel finishes and MAYBE that's because what happens on Angel will affect what happens in Season 12.

Definitely possible. "Any announcements about Season 12 will be a while down the road" just read to me as "next spring at the earliest."
dcai0830: "Just kill him already" seems to be something I say ALOT in my head... to my favorite character... strange huh? lol

If they're out of stories to tell about Angel (and they shouldn't be, but they seem to be scraping the bottom of their own barrel this season), then I prefer him being killed off, too. Seriously, a huge chunk of the Angel S11 readers seem to be hate-reading, just from the comments on various forums (fora?).
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Mrs Gordo
Mrs Gordo
"Just kill him already" seems to be something I say ALOT in my head... to my favorite character... strange huh? lol


Jun 25, 2017
Really - there are multiple lists out there like this so that this "regularly" happens?

There are multiple lists and it depends on your understanding of "regularly": a) with a constant or definite pattern, or b) at uniform intervals of time. If you understand it in terms of the first definition, then there seems to be a regular pattern (admittedly, they don't all use the word "ridiculous"). Many of the sites are re-iterations of the original article. There does, however appear to be a consensus that this wasn''t the most appealing frame in comic book history.

10 Least Arousing Comic Book Sex Scenes
16 NSFW Comic Book Scenes That Came Out Of Nowhere And Freaked Out Readers
The 5 Most Ridiculous Sex Scenes in Superhero Comic Book History continued.... - World of Odd Balls

The last two - I think - refer to the original (probably Dorky?) article.
The most telling one is this: Whedonesque - Joss Whedon community (admittedly, it's a comment on the original article - I think).

And why do you read it as me implying a criticism of Angel? I think Twilight makes perfect sense in terms of his arc. IMO, it was predictable from aspects of his character, his symbolic function in the text and the text's overall understanding of history. Twilight happened for the reason Spike's AR happened (also predictable) - to alter his actual and figurative relationship with Buffy. I wouldn't be surprised if it isn't a prominent feature in Angel's final redemption (if only by acting as the inverse). Angels fall and Angels are elevated - Twilight happens twice a day - once light to darkness - then darkness to light.

Apologies for the video - that was meant as a URL only.
Agreed on Twilight working within Angel's arc, especially following AtS 5.

The Bronze

Rogue Demon Hunter
Jul 11, 2013
Black Thorn
All finished and I'm going to declare this season a success. The last issue was a little underwhelming because they kind of rebooted the rules but not quite. Buffy takes the power, then gives it back, so the world is full of slayers. Everyone knows about the supernatural but they're back in hiding. It's a weird angel.

Anyway I thought the end battle was fun. Enjoyed the dragon finishing it off. Good to see Faith jumping in even without power. Buffys punk hairdo was cool. Some good banter from Spike and Xander. Looking forward to 12.


Aug 26, 2016
I was really happy with this season, I could get picky with some things but overall I am a happy bunny
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