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Discussion of Buffy 12.03 - Released 8/22/18 (Dark Horse)


Oct 24, 2005
Neptune, California
Did anyone else not think Buffy and Willow planned for Heath to intervene? I know she says otherwise in the last panel but all that setup I was like “This is a setup to make Harth do something crazy”. So I saw that jump coming. Because they were literally like “OKAY WILLOW DO THAT THING HARTH KNOWS WERE GOING TO DO.” “YES BUFFY, THAT BACKUP PLAN IS GOING TO WORK SO WELL. I AM GIVING YOU ALL THE SLAYER POWERS RIGHT NOW.”
The slayer power spell twist was done much better on Chosen. I’m just saying..

Mrs Gordo

Bangel extremist...
Jul 11, 2017
Black Thorn
Thanks for the info. Seriously, though, if killing a rat with a mallet wasn't disturbing enough, why did Andrew paint the guy ready to stab a cat with a knife? We seem to be forgetting that this guy was Warren's accomplice. He should still be on some kind of watch list.

Instead he is now the FUTURE of the Watcher’s council lol.

Is it a vampy cat maybe?


Instead he is now the FUTURE of the Watcher’s council lol.

Is it a vampy cat maybe?
I don't understand why they need watchers in the first place, considering how horrible the original organisation was. If an organisation of non-slayers for lore-keeping, research, training and other support is really needed, they should think about coming up with a new name and start with a clean slate.
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