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Discussion of Buffy the Vampire Slayer #20 - Released 12/2/20 (Boom! Studios)

Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
* It's Faith, Buffy and Willow versus Xander - not everyone is making it out alive. * No Buffy fan will want to miss the shocking conclusion! * Meanwhile, Wesley Wyndam-Price has arrived in Sunnydale with his own secret mission.

Source: Boom! Studios


Jan 25, 2016
This was an interesting issue, as it had Faith and Wesley getting to know each other. Faith is slaying vampires, without actually believing vampires exist, so there's that to get past. Jenny reappears, then says she has to leave Sunnydale. Anya gives Willow an amulet that will help restore Xander and the rest of the scoobies are mad at Willow for not telling them what she's been up to.

It was a pretty good read, though as usual none of it is about Buffy. Everyone talks about Buffy, but we very rarely see her or find out what's going on with her. What happened between her and Robin? What's she been doing while we've been following Willow and Faith? We just don't know and the writer just doesn't care.

We have a new possible big bad in Morgan, who appears to want to destroy the Watcher's Council and 'free the slayers' which could be quite interesting. She's working with a demon who can turn himself into other people so that could be fun.
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