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Discussion of SHIELD 1.11 "The Magical Place " - Aired 01/08/14 (ABC-US)

Black Eye Guy

Taking over the World!
Aug 16, 2005
Black Thorn
Coulson uncovers vital information about the mystery of his death, but, with Centipede out for blood, this knowledge may come at the cost of one of the team.


I liked this episode, it was a lot stronger than the majority of the episodes before the break.

I think the team worked well together and really showed that by breaking up and having Skye go it alone.

I enjoyed seeing Skye having to work around the bracelet and impersonating May, that was amusing.

The 'is that a roomba' joke near the start was brilliant, actually the entire opening was great - it was more like what I thought the show was going to be like, more of a spy team working together.

The show seems to be going trough bad guys really quickly, we were lead to believe the red hair doctor was gonna be a big player, then she's killed off, then we think Rainas boss will be the main bad guy, then Raina and now she's locked up, but the quick changes aren't having a proper impact, cuz we dont know the people that keep dying, if they'd killed Raina that would be a big deal, but they seem to keep killing people so WANT to keep us on the edge, rather then natural storytelling that keeps us on the edge - if that makes sense?

We had better get more of an explanation on Coulson, seriously, science is the answer? He's dead days and they kinda just gloss over it that Fury moved heaven and earth to revive him, what does that mean? Why would Coulson care what the machine was doing to his brain over finding out exactly how he was revived?!?

I did think the brain rewriting scene was excellent though, it was quite uncomfortable to watch so that worked really well.

The after credits bit was really great, very cool set up for what's to come!
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Jan 26, 2014
SHIELD has some weak episodes but this isn't one of them. This is possibly my favourite one too. Apart from J August Richards' character, the mystery surrounding Coulson is the most intriguing aspect of the show for me.


My arse is not pansy!
Jan 20, 2008
May is so fit! This is Shield action in its full glory. Great start :D

Would never say no to shirtless Ward, and Fitz puts his boss pants on. May seems tough, but I know what shes got up her sleeve.

Oh I hate this brain frying machine. It reminds me of CT scans and MRI's. Hurts my head watching it. When he escapes and is told its desert, it looks very much like my town and local bush lol.

Skye gets a chance to show whats she's learned and show her stuff, "outside of the system" which does make me like her again. I did not like her this much the first run through. Jemma being awful at lying is so fun.

Oh Coulson heartbreak. Great acting, Reyna is just a spring board for it. Poor Coulson :( gosh its awful. Sounds like me in the morning lol. Ron Glass adds to the heartbreak, but now we know.

And Mike returns... feels like we're in the meat of it now.
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