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Discussion of "Spike After the Fall #3" - Released 09/17/08 (IDW)



I can't believe I come online nearly a week after this issue came out and nobody has posted about it yet.

I thought this was a great issue. It ties in well with AAtF and gives some more in depth details. While the Non-story is interesting in it's own right. I wonder if Jerry will survive.


Haven't read it yet, but I can't wait... I'm gonna search for spoilers (yea, unlike most people I don't mind spoilers)

white avenger

white avenger
Sep 30, 2006
rome, georgia
I like it better than the Angel series, but then, I like Spike more than Angel. It seems a little less muddled and disorganized than its parent comic, and Spike's little harem of ninja ladies have really gotten my curiosity up.


That'll put marzipan in your pie plate bingo
Mar 14, 2007
I loved the issue!!!

The Artwork is superb - Urru knows how to draw Spike!
Spike's Fantasy is Quite cute. At first i was a little weirded out by his imagining Fred in such a domestic situation but then read on IDW Brian Lynch explaing that it is purely because Fred is on his mind, he's worried about her so this is reflected in his torture-survival fantasy. Angel appearing in the fantasy was funny to. His name tag was truely excellent.
Spike's Torture - Poor Spike tortured again. What's this, the fourth time now? If the ability to survive torture is the sign of a hero in the Buffyverse (which it plainly is) then our boy is a super-hero :)
All the people Spike initially saved are dead now. All of them:(
Non - is a bitch and I love how Spike is snarky and cheeky to her despite the fact that this only gets him in more trouble. Loved the Xander reference!
Spider - I'm a bit iffy about her. She has self-esteem issues. She should keep her mits off him. Although, I liked how after they kissed Spike blew the cigerette smoke out his nose. That was cool.
Back to Non - so she can sort of suck the life out of people, including slayers. And Gunn isn't interested in Spike or making deals with Non although he is interested in Illyria. And how did those slayers get alive again? Gunn has some magics me thinks...
So now Non doesn't need Spike or Illyria so tries to kill them and reveals that she knows that Spider is a traitor. I like how when she tries to chop illyria's head off the blade breaks, just like when Wes tried to do it in Shells. Illyria then puts Non down then kisses Spike. That was a bit weird too but there was nothing remotely shippy about it - It was more about Illyria making sure that Spike was on her side and not distracted by Spider. He wasn't, Illyria/Fred was always his priority:)
And Jerry Lives!
And best of all Connor!! (Urru draws him very good looking too) And Spike just 'knows' that he's Angel's son just like all the demons in First Night did. Very much looking forward to more of this particular part of the story.

*i got the truely excellent Urru cover with Spike and Illyria.
The way you wrote this post makes me like the issue even more; very well explained.
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