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Discussion of Willow: Wonderland #3 - Released 1/02/13 (Dark Horse)

Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
Writer: Jeff Parker and Christos Gage Penciller: Brian Ching

Willow has found someone she's been missing since Earth was cut off from other realms. But her ultimate quest to restore Earth's magic is flailing... Her search is pulling her one way, her companion another, and a newly encountered society of witches has a completely different idea for the future of Willow.

Source: Wikipedia

I love that the green serpent witch lady yells, "Get out!" at Marrak lol

Other than that, this was one big "Willow is the greatest thing in the universe"-fest. I mean, really? All those witches are really THAT into Willow? And could Willow herself be more self-centered or annoying throughout the entire thing?

Someone seriously needs to give Willow a whooping.


Riley's BFF
Oct 28, 2010
Los Angeles
I get the feeling that Marrak is the real good guy and that Aluwyn and the coven have their own motives for wanting Willow to stay with them.

Is it suppose to be Faith or Dawn pictured next to Angel?
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