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DND (3E) or Shadowrun (4E) campaign in the Buffyverse.


Nov 12, 2009
So, as an RPG fan, and a Buffy fan, I am not a big fan of the Buffy paper and pencil RPG. In short, I don't like the rule system. I like DND and Shadowrun a lot better. Possibly there are others out there who play DND and/or Shadowrun, and this thread is for them. I am going to gradually post below a number of Buffy related stat blocs for running a DND (3E) or Shadowrun (4E) camaign in the Buffyverse. My friends and I (mostly I) came up with this stuff, and you are free to use it for your own camaigns.

Let me know if you have any ideas, corrections, suggestions, things you'd like to see, and feel free to post your own stuff. I'm sure I'm not the only person in the world who has written "Buffy DND" material.

First up: The "slayer package" for DND starting characters (There is also an "Elite Slayer" Prestige class coming covering the training Buffy began in season 5.)

+3 CR (This package is worth 3 levels, according to the rules for starting as characters more powerful than the standard).

Prerequisites: Must be female, must be human
Allowed Classes: Any, I see no reason why a Slayer couldn't learn to cast spells.
Preferred Classes: Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger, Paladin, Rogue.
*Note, Slayers are rarely Monks as they have their own unique style of martial arts, although it is certainly possible to learn both.
Favored Class: Fighter

First of all, a Slayer is adept at fighting without a weapon
-Combat reflexes
-Lethal Damage with unarmed attacks
-Slayers do unarmed damage according to their level (use the Monk damage progression, but the Slayer's class attack bonus)
-Improved Unarmed Strike (unarmed attacks against armed opponents do not provoke an attack of opportunity):

-Attributes: Slayers are stronger, faster, and tougher than one would expect. The following bonuses are not reflected in the Slayer's appearance.
+6 Strength
+6 Deterity
+6 Constitution

-Skills: Slayers are more adept at gymnastics than a normal human.
+4 Jump, no limit on Jump heights
+4 Tumble
+4 Climb
+4 Swim

-Rapid healing:Slayers heal faster than normal people. They heal a number of HP equal to their level every 3 hours, instead of every day.

-Detect Undead:A Slayer can sense the presence of vampires, although this ability must be trained. Any time the Slayer comes within sight of an undead, make an opposed role between the Slayer (Sense Motive) and the undead in question (Disguise). If the Slayer wins, she is aware that the person is an undead. Situational modifiers may apply.

Potential Slayers experience vivid dreams of the past exploits of Slayers. Their visions allow them to start play with knowledge of how to battle demons and vampires, allowing them to start play with the following benefits, even if they have not actually fought these creatures.
-+3 to attack, damage against undead
-+2 to attack, damage against demons
-+1 to attack, damage against devils
These bonuses stack with the Ranger "favored enemy" Bonus, If applicable.

And finally, I'm bringing back the 2E "Amazon" bonus:
-+4 to attack (but not damage) against any character that might reasonably be expected to underestimate a female fighter due to sexism. This bonus applies to the first round of the fight only.

More to come very soon
-vamp package (alternate Buffy-compatible DND rules for Vamps)
-Demon Manual (Monster Manual style entries for Buffy/Angel demons, please let me know which ones you all would like to see first)
-"The Scythe" Artifact rules
-Canon Character stats (beginning/end of the show)
-Maybe some other magic items from the show
-"Shadowrun" Slayer package using the "Adept" rules
-And whatever else people want. I have played both games for years and love doing stats for them.


Nov 12, 2009
This is a game-balanced package for a Shadowrun 4E Slayer. It is based on the idea of using the "Adept Powers" To cover Slayer powers. The following is for a newly activated Slayer. A lot of advantages are included, but the CP cost is very high. This means that starting Slayers will have all of the Slayer abilities that Slayers start with, but will not have a lot of points left to spend on skills, which makes sense to me as a newly activated Slayer is usually a teenager, and keeps the game balance between Slayers and nonslayers, something I thought was missing from the Buffy paper and pencil RPGs. Non-Slayers can afford to get magic, or lots of skills, so without taking this package you could be a character with lots of useful skills, combat or noncombat, that a newly activated Slayer wouldn't have, or a witch (the Shadowrun magic rules are VERY compatible to the Buffyverse already, I don't even have to do anything except write spells), etc. etc.

This is balanced the same way as alternate races in Shadowrun standard rules

I will be doing a Buffyverse Vampire version of this as well, balanced according to the Shadowrun rules. They will end up with a bunch of adept powers and more skill points, balanced out with vampire-specific negative qualities.

Shadowrun Slayer Package (160 CP)
+2 Strength
+2 Agility
+2 Reaction
+2 Body

Positive Qualities
-Quick Healer
-Natural Hardening

Free Adept Powers (Do not count against magic rating)
-Killing Hands
-Improved Reflexes 1
-Critical Strike 2
-Rapid Healing 2
-Mystic Armor 2
-Combat Sense
-Great leap 2
- Improved Physical Attribute: Strength 2, Body 2

Loyalty 5: Watchers will do anything they can to help their Slayers, as long as it fits with the goals and objectives of the Watchers' Council, then there could be loyalty issues
Connection 5: A Watcher can find out almost anything a Slayer needs to know about demons and vampires.


Satsu Otaku
Nov 19, 2008
New York
Interesting... the D&D stats would be appropriate for a medieval Slayer. The d20 Modern rules might be useful for a modern-day one, but I'm not familiar with them.

I haven't played Shadowrun in 15 years, unfortunately, although I liked it a lot back then.

It might work better to have Slayers be a template rather than a prestige class, since there are no prerequisites... I guess that's what you've done here, with a prestige class to be added later. Buffy would probably be a fighter, or more likely a monk, with a Slayer template and a +2 or +3 level adjustment.


Nov 12, 2009
CORRECTIONS: Slayers in DND 3e should also get +6 natural AC when not wearing armor, and get +10ft to base speed.

By the way, Andrew, I'm glad someone has an interest. I figured I would start the Slayer as a template to be added to a normal class, but in season 5 Buffy begins a special Slayer-specific training regimen because she had advanced so much, and I figured that it would work as a prestige class to allow higher level Slayers to have expanded Slayer powers. You'll see more or less what I mean when I post it.

The problem with using D20 Modern is that you would lose the feel of the show fights. There would be no reason for Buffy not to use the rocket launcher she acquires in season 2 on almost every monster she fights, according to a d20 system. This can certainly be a heck of a fun game, but not really what Buffy is about.

The fact that DND works so much better for a medieval Slayer is why I included the Shadowrun rules as well, and will include more, but it is sort of mitigated by the fact that there is so much melee combat on the show.

I figure Buffy at the beginning of the show would be a level 2 or 3 fighter (with the above Slayer template). By the end of the show I have her as a level 10 fighter/ level 7 Slayer, and she gets added physical ability boosts and improved Slayer powers from her prestige class, which I will probably post on Thursday.
Some Buffy Monsters
Sisterhood of Jhe Warriors (DND 3E)
Medium Outsider (Demon)

HD:9d12+27 (86)
AC:21 (+8 natural, +3 dex)
Attacks:+12/+12 slam or +15/+10 MW weapon
Damage:1-6+5/1-6+5 or 2-12+6/2-12+6
Face/Reach:5ft by 5ft/5ft
Special Qualities:?
Saves:Fortitude+9, Reflex+10, Will+8
Abilities Str 19 Dex 19 Con 17 Int 14 Wis 15 Cha 6
Skills: Listen+14 Spot+14 Jump+16 Climb+16 Move Silently+16 Tumble+16
Feats: Weapon Focus Slam, Weapon Focus (Weapon), Improved Initiative
Climate/Terrain:Any Underground/Near the Hellmouth
Organization:Sisterhood (3-???)
Alignment:Neutral Evil
Treasure: Normal
Challenge Rating:7
Advancement:By character class (Barbarian)

The Mayor (Snake Form):
Gargantuan Outsider (Demon)
HD:36d12+288 (527)
Speed:50 ft
AC:29 (-4 size, +18 natural, +5 Dex
Attacks: Bite+39, Slam+34
Damage: 4d8+12/4d10+18
Face/Reach:15 ft by 75 ft/50 ft
Special Qualities: Damage Resistance 15/+2, Constrict 4d10+12 (tied to slam attack)
Saves:Fortitude+28 Reflex+25 Will+20
Abilities: Str:36 Dex:20 Con:26 Int:19 Wis:10 Cha:19
Skills: Any 12 including Diplomacy, Bluff, Sense Motive, Gather Information, and Knowledge:Arcana: +39 base.
Feats: None. The mayor is not used to his new form. Olvikan has Improved Initiative, WF Bite, Slam, Constrict, Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave, Dodge, Mobility, Expertise
Climate/Terrain: Any
Organization: Unique???
Challenge Rating:17
Alignment:Lawful Evil

The Gentlemen
Medium-Sized Monstrous Humanoids
HD:6d8+12 (39)
Speed:20 ft
AC:18 (+6 natural, +2 dex)
Face/Reach:5ft by 5ft/5 ft
Special Qualities: Levitate (at will), Damage resistance 25/+5, Silence 5 mile radius, remove heart with 3 consecutive hits (easy to do while the footmen hold down its victim, take 10d6 damage per round from extremely loud noise, command footmen
Saves:Fortitude:+7 Reflex:+4 Will+9
Abilities Str:14 Dex: 14 Con: 15 Int:21 Wis: 19 Cha: 10
Skills: Profession (surgeon), Move Silently (+16 racial bonus), 7 more (base 9 (move silently is +27)
Feats: Silent Spell, Weapon Focus Scalpel
Climate/Terrain: Any town
Organization: Groups of 7 plus 1d8+5 footmen
Challenge Rating:6
Treasure: Sound box, 7 hearts, +normal
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Advancement: By Character Class (spellcasters)

The Gentlemens' Footmen:
Medium-sized Monstrous Humanoids
HD:6d8+24 (51)
Speed:30 ft
AC:19 (+5 natural, +3 padded armor, +1 dex)
Damage: 1d6+4/1d6+4, or grapple
Face/Reach:5 ft by 5 ft/5ft
Special Qualities:Enthralled to Gentlemen
Saves:Fortitude:+9 Reflex:+3 Will+1
Abilities Str:18 Dex:12 Con:18 Int:6 Wis:8 Cha:6
Skills: Jump+10, Move Silently+7
Feats: Improved Grapple, Improved Unarmed Strike
Climate/Terrain: Any Town
Organization: Groups of 1d8+5 plus 7 Gentlemen
Challenge Rating:4
Alignment:Lawful Evil


Like a Boss.
Dec 30, 2009
cool shiz. ive played some dnd and runequest and i am liking the look of this. maybe we could organise an online session using these rules? maybe it would be worth finding out if anyone is interested, because i centainly would be.


The Grey Fox :P
Nov 30, 2008
Huge Success! Shit is epic, yo. Gunna check this mo fo next week. will holla bak wit feedback.


Jul 23, 2010
Siracusa, Italy
Can't understand a thing. I'd like to play, but I'm lost in all this combos and stuff. I've always played RPG, but like FF. Everybody writes a piece of the story, writing by his character p.o.v., and then somebody else goes on. And on. If u could explain....


Dec 10, 2009
Ontario, Canada
I dunno if you play with any other systems but for something like this with the majority of people being 'normal' humans (stat-wise I mean).

I'd advise checking out the Vampire the masqeurade (hunter the reckoning etc. the White Wolf rules system).

uses D10's not D20's etc.

or the 'all flesh must be eaten' rule system (very similar to white wolf in that stats are point cost based and there isn't random rolls to determine 'strenght' etc. also experience for both systems is point based not 'levels' as per DnD.

so the DM/GM hands out points @ the end of a session to each player based on 'player actions' 'stayign in character' 'role playing' etc. etc.

Also an added bonus (for me) using the system(s) above is that unlike DnD there's not really an huge HP amount. it's not like Dnd where alot of combat boils down to 'do more damage than the other guy to win' there's dodging/parrying actions. and characters (both PC and NPC) take ALOT less damage before going down (therefore reflecting real life a little closer.) If you go with the 'white wolf' setting (one of my fav gaming systems) I HIGHLY reccomend scouring hobby shops/ebay etc. for the older versions of their game books (vampire the masqeurade, werewolf the apocalypse, hunter the reckoning) as I know specifically at least for the vampire one (the new one is umm... i can't remembr vampire something or other) all they've done is screw up a perfectly good system and REMOVE things as oppose to adding anything new.

and yes i've more than once attempted the 'buffy rpg' myself with diff. systems lol.
Dec 30, 2015
this is almost the exact same system I handle for my NWN (DND) Buffy Server Module that I am currently working on. Currently still in the process of perfecting the world to a degree that its playable for others.
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