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Do you find Connor attractive?


May 7, 2020
I was a bit late on the Buffy bandwagon, and started watching in 2003. Early season 4 Connor was one of the reasons I was drawn in to watch the rest of the series. I didn't know any of the back story though, and I think of him very differently now. Funny that Vincent is married to Alexis Bledel now, who was Rory in Gilmore Girls, one of my other favourite shows.

I didn't mind Connor's long hair, and I kind of liked how 'feral' he was. I think the finally did the Angel - Connor dynamic justice in the season 5 episode "Origin". I think that was one of my favourite season 5 episodes of Angel.


I'm gonna sound harsh, I know. I don't mean to offend anyone's tastes....

I'm honestly so shocked by some of the verdicts here and and in other posts that have brought up Connor's looks. Like, blown away kind of shocked lol. Connor/Vincent is completely gross-looking to me 🙄 I guess I'm used to watching the pretty/attractive people they cast in these shows, because every time I see him, I'm completely distracted by how unattractive he is (bad, I know). Really gross....like Warren gross, for me. 🤢 And I usually like some androgyny in guys (cough*Spike*cough) 🤷‍♀️

Did you see his skinny/frail fingers and loooong nails (pet-peeve of mine) in ATS S5

Sorry (not sorry)! 😅


Jul 29, 2016
@SpikeRocks I wouldn't say Spike is androgynous or has androgyny about him.

I also don't think Warren is physically unattractive, it's his personality that is a turn-off, not the physical appearance of the actor.

Connor is not ugly but his personality makes him very unattractive. That and the fact that you see him as a baby on the show and even though he's aged up, at the back of your mind he's still a kid. That's why people have such issue with Cordelia and Connor. Even if it's not "Cordelia" per se, it's still very off-putting to see what was once a well liked character having sex with a minor. Also add in the fact that Charisma Carpenter was starting to look her age (her hair style did her no favours and made her look older) and it's easy to see why so many people have issues with that pairing.
Agree about Spike, I almost said it myself but didn't want to risk going off-topic.
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