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Does Xander have a demon xenophobia?

sosa lola

Nov 26, 2007
I feel this accusation came from Xander's hatred of Spike and I see it plenty of times in fanfiction, but is it really part of canon?

Does Xander hate demons more than the other Scoobies?

There's no evidence of Xander hating demons any more than Buffy or Willow do. His dislike of both Angel and Spike have always been more personal IMO than the fact that they were vampires. Spike being a soulless vampire did hurt his case, but I don't see Xander having that special hate for Harmony or even Vampire Willow when she appeared. In fact, he wanted to know if his vampire version was as badass as Vampire Willow.

More evidence that Xander didn't hold such a black and white view about demons would be him being against the Initiative. Nothing in text shows that Xander agrees with them. Xander doesn't shy away from voicing his opinion, if he thought that capturing and experimenting on demons was okay, he would have said so.

Then there's Clem at Buffy's birthday party in Older and Far Away. If Xander had such hate for demons, wouldn't he have objected to having Clem at the party? We see him later watching cartoons with Clem and Dawn.

And let's not forget when the gang believed that Tara was a demon, Xander had defended her against her abusive brother and stood by her side. Shouldn't bigoted Xander have agreed to hand over the demon to her family?

Would someone who sees the world in black and white date an ex-demon and befriend a werewolf and a couple of witches?

As for vampires, remember when Buffy found out about the downtown vampire nest? Remember when she burnt the place down? Wouldn't someone with such a black and white view and extreme hatred for vampires cheer her on? Xander appeared concerned for her in that scene and not at all celebrating the vampires losing their "crib".

Also, when Buffy tortured that vampire for information in When She Was Bad, Xander looked very troubled by what she was doing.

Xander's dislike of Spike wasn't solely about who he is. It was because Spike tried to kill them more than once, heck first time they met Spike, he'd threatened to kill Buffy on a specific day. Spike had kidnapped him and Willow and injured him badly. Spike had betrayed them twice after the chip in The Yoko Factor and Out of My Mind. Spike had kidnapped and threatened to kill Buffy if she didn't return his feelings in Crush. Then Spike tried to rape Buffy.

Xander had a good reason to dislike Spike. There's a history of bad with Spike. Then comes S7, and after Selfless, we see a change in Xander's attitude towards Spike where he supports Buffy's decision to keep him in the house and later clears his name by coming up with the trigger theory.

In conclusion, I personally don't see Xander as the demon hating/black and white world seeing simple minded jerk as some people believe. He sees the world the same amount of black and white as Buffy and the rest of the gang do.

What evidence shows that he has a demon xenophobia in canon?

Ethan Reigns

Oct 14, 2012
In "School Hard", Xander (and Willow) see Spike for the first time after he lures Buffy outside the Bronze:

Nice work, baby.

Who are you?

You'll find out on Saturday.

What happens on Saturday?

I kill you.

Later when Xander has gone to Angel to help him defend the school against Spike, this is what happens:

Spike and 3 stab the ceiling. The door bursts open. Angel enters, Xander in tow. Spike recognizes:

Angelus. I'll be damned.

We see that Angel has VAMP FACE on. Xander sees it too, and jumps. Spike drops his bar. Spike and Angel (never letting go of Xander) hug. Then:

I taught you to always guard your
(re: door he entered)
You should have someone out there.

I did. I'm surrounded by idiots.
What's new with you?


Come up against this Slayer yet?

She's cute. Not too bright, though.
Gave the puppy dog, I'm-all-tortured
act. Keeps her off my back when I

People still fall for that Anne Rice
routine? What a world.

Xamder looks from Angel to Spike.

I knew you were a lying… undead
liar guy.

Angel silences him by grabbing his hair and his shoulder and baring Xander's neck for Spike.

Want a bite before we kill her?

Off Xander, about to lose his mind,

I would say Xander has ample justification for not trusting or liking either Angel or Spike. This is not xenophobia, this is a perfectly reasonable reaction to treachery. And how does Angel justify what he did?

So when you were giving him my neck
to chew on, how come you didn't clock
him before he clocked you?

I told you, I couldn't make the first move.
I had to see if he was buying it or not.

And if he bit me, then what?

(can't resist)
We would have known he bought it.

Angel moves off. Xander stares off after him with renewed loathing.

This moral greyness never leaves Angel and Xander knows it. Nothing about his response is unreasonable.

Fool for Buffy

I'm just being a big nerd again
Jun 2, 2017
Simple answer: no. Xander hates Angel out of jealousy. And he hates Spike because he doesn't see how he isn't evil. Also, he almost married a former demon, so I don't see how people could think he has demon xenophobia.


Member of the Church Of Faith
Dec 23, 2013
The Moot, England
Not really. In high school he has his prejudices towards Angel because of jealousy, not because of the vampire thing. The vampire thing is like an added, legitimate bonus that makes his feelings stronger but they weren't the initial reason (also Angel could be an ass towards Xander so again, reasons).

But from I'd say mid-S3 onward Xander isn't that prejudiced towards demons or superatural things. Remember when he was sorta glad to be included in 'O'Toole's zombie gang? It was played for laughs- a bit- but I do think he was flattered, until the 'initiate by being killed' bit came up.

His hatred of Spike was entirely justified from S2 right on through to 6 (and mutual for the most part) until Spike's soul changed that view because Xander had matured, and Xander cared for Anya (who was now a souled ex-demon) and Tara as well (when she was accused of being a demon).
Xander was suspicious of the Initiative, more so than Buffy was.
Eh, there are quite a few examples from S4 on.

I mean, demon-xenophobia would be based on unreasoned hatred or dislike. Often Xander had reason, and when he didn't have a good one then he more or less wasn't bigoted.


Sep 11, 2017
There is a scene in Joss's run on X-Men about why Kitty hates Emma Frost. I don't know the exact wording, but the idea is that when Xander closes his eyes and thinks of true evil, Jesse's warped vamp face is what he thinks of.
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