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Doll house Rp .


When it comes to dating I the Slayer.
Apr 23, 2012
I been talking a lot about Dollhouse on here & was moved to let out a character I made up for a Rp forum that died a few years ago . But she still around so here she is .

Full Name (nickname) : Jennifer Green Ryder (Jenn)

Doll Name : Honey.

Date of Birth: February 12. 1997.

Age: 19.

Place of Origin: Seattle WA.

Gender: Female.

Species: Human.

Height: 5.5

Hair color: Brown.

Eye color: Hazel.

Appearance: http://www.desiwalls.com/dw/miley_cyrus_1.jpg

Personality: She is very easy going & friendly. Bit of a risk taker because she likes going out & trying things .

Hobbies: Going out to Museums & Clubs. Working on her painting & poking her nose into her friends lives :)

Minor Character Flaw: Has a hard time getting to places on time. She can but it not easy for her to do so.

Major Character Flaw: Doesn't like to think things through. That gets her in trouble a lot because of that.

Likes/Dislikes: She likes painting & music & going out to places by her self or with friends. Hates Studying & waiting & going to the doctors.

History: Jennifer grew up in a family that was very creatable. Her father ran a Art Gallery & her mother was a sculptor. She grew up a bit of a free spirt & not sticking to the status quo. As such she doesn't like making plans but prefers to wing it. That gotten her in trouble a number of times the last time being part of a protest that got ugly & she got into trouble & was picked up the LA Dollhouse.
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